Handmade Wooden Bowl / Walnut and Ash

Walnut & Ash Handmade Wooden Bowl

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Walnut & Ash Handmade Wooden Bowl

Here we have a stunning Walnut & Ash Handmade Wooden Bowl.  Hand crafted locally, from contrasting Walnut & Ash (the Walnut is the dark wood and the Ash is the lighter one), combined together to make this stunning lidded trinket box / keepsake bowl.

The base is felt covered as is the bottom of the closely fitting lid.

This stunning lidded keepsake handmade wooden bowl has a real ‘wow’ factor about it.  It feels smooth, solid and substantial.  The woods contrast with each other beautifully and become something that you will want to cherish.

This walnut & ash lidded handmade wooden bowl was made by Martin, a well-known local craftsmen who has been working with wood for over 30 years. Martin doesn’t like to see any wood go to waste so these beautiful pieces are created from off-cuts of sustainably sourced wood!

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Weight 347 g
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm