Laundry Dome

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The environmentally conscious amongst us are always looking for a way to dry our laundry on rainy days. Look no further, Cave Innovations is leading the way in simple drying solutions.


Economic and Eco-friendly! Laundry Dome dries clothes even in the rain!

Laundry Dome – 2 different designs

No more socks, underwear and towels stuck on radiators creating condensation and that damp atmosphere created by the constant and expensive tumble dryer. Go Green! With our new Laundry Dome – save money and air dry – whatever the weather!

This innovative product came from an observation of just how hot it gets underneath a PVC greenhouse. Yes, even on a cloudy, drizzly day. We’re talking about what scientists have referred to as “the greenhouse effect”. But on a smaller and controllable scale. After some experimentation, adding some ventilation to allow the air currents to circulate and the moist air to escape we came up with what we think is an absolutely amazing idea … Laundry Domes!  Yes you saw them here first!  And we’ve invented two different designs.

Laundry Dome Modular – Design 1 is a modular cave-style unit which can be installed both free-standing and also wall-attached. You can zip two or more together to extend the internal capacity. Will fit easily onto most patios and even balconies. Dimensions: 2m wide x 1.7m high x 0.8m deep.

Horti Hood Laundry Dome – Design 2 is a wall-mounted, convenient lift-up / drop-down “consertina-ing” hood design. Bigger than the Laundry Dome Modular but just as convenient and easy to use. Dimensions: 2.5m wide x 1.7m high x 1.7m deep.

This is a solution, particularly for those living in flats and modern starter homes. Or folks with little or no room indoors to hang wet washing. As we know, garden spaces are constantly getting smaller in new build houses with some so small there’s not enough space for a washing line or rotary dryer indoors or outdoors.

Design 1. Laundry Dome Modular

Showing innovative new clothes drying tent open
Two Laundry Domes zipped together to extend capacity.

•A simple inexpensive solution
•Easy assembly – garden, balcony, outside or inside
•Once assembled – over 2 cubic metres of drying space
•Mesh door included for excellent ventilation (shown in picture)
•Can be fixed to a wall or fence
•Integral groundsheet protects and also helps maintain temperature
•Includes guy ropes and pegs for anchorage options

clothes drying tent with mesh panel fitted
Optional mesh door panel for increased ventilation
laundry dome in use
Shown free-standing with PVC door closed. But can also be screwed to a wall.

Design 2. Horti Hood Laundry Dome

Horti Hood Laundry Dome Closed
Wall-mounted, lift-up / drop-down folding Horti Hood Laundry Dome.

•Quick and easy to set up
•Plenty of room for more than one clothes airer.
•Simple “lift-up, drop down” access, multi-position height adjustment
•Folds up against the wall when not in use
•Proven to dry your clothes faster than on a clothesline.
•Ventilation panels for hot and humid weather.
•Integral awning to prevent rain build-up in the pleats when folded open
•Ground loops to peg down
•Fixing kit included
•Tough, UV stabilised, PVC material
•Suitable for walls and fences above 115 cm high

HortiHood Laundry Dome Open
Horti Hood Laundry Dome open
Vent panel of Horti Hood Laundry Dome
Ventilation panel on the Horti Hood Laundry Dome.

Tests have shown that with internal temperatures inside the dome significantly higher than the outside the dome washing can dry up to 3 times quicker than if left on a line or clotheshorse.

Just select your preferred option from the drop-down menu above.

Laundry Dome is protected by European Community design registration and international patents.

Note: the clothes horses in the images are NOT included with the product.



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