Sports and Leisure

Love outdoor sports? Love outdoor leisure activities? Fishing, hiking, camping … How about your own protective, private sports spectator booth? A new golf umbrella? A fishing bivvy shelter? Cave has got you covered! We have a variety of both waterproof and UV protecting products to ensure you’re protected from the elements – come rain or shine!

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Sports & Leisure

Pop-Up Weather Shelter – Sports Spectator Tent

Here’s just one example of an innovative new sports product you’ll find here on Cave. Football, or soccer as they call it over there, has really taken off in the USA. It’s now the third most popular team sport behind Basketball and Baseball/softball. Just as in the UK the vast majority of games are played at grass roots level on open fields, rather than in those big stadiums the big clubs have. As football is a winter sport it can be pretty bleak at times. It’s not so bad for the players, they’re running around and keeping warm, but it can be miserable for the supporters. And so a chap in the USA invented the Pop-Up Spectator Tent initially for himself to sit and watch his son in action. Since then people have found it to be the just the job for any number of sports and leisure activities. Sling one over your shoulder and a folding chair on the other and you can get out of the weather and into the warm in moments.

Great for all manner of sports and leisure activities.
Up to 30ºF warmer inside, than outside.

And they’re not just for spectators, they’re perfect whenever you want a bit of instant shelter. Do you like to fish but prefer to stay dry? Perfect for the riverbank or canal side.

Available in Regular & XL sizes.
With this Pop-Up Shelter you can be set up and fishing in moments.

Just one of many other uses for the Pop-Up Spectator Tent. Keeping this photographer and his expensive gear snug and dry at the racetrack.

The instant shelter for sports and leisure.
Pop-Up shelter for this photographer and his equipment.

CampaCave – Modular Storage for Caravans and Motorhomes.

Just a simple solution to the problem of where to keep all your outdoor gear while you’re on-site. CampaCave can be put up in minutes and takes up a fraction of the space of a conventional awning. Great for bikes, BBQ’s and outdoor chairs and tables. Use it free standing or fix it to the side of your ‘van. CampaCave is just 54cm x 18cm x 14cm when packed and weighs only 3kg. Erected it’s 800cm deep, 167 high and 200 cm wide. If you need more space you can remove the rear door of the Xtra version and zip on another module.

great for caravans, campervans and motorhomes.
Somewhere for your outdoor stuff when you’re on-site.

Perfect for additional storage for a motorhome. And if you go off for the day you can leave your CampaCave to mark your pitch while you’re away. There’s a small flap in the back to feed a chain or bike cable lock through, so you can secure bikes to your ‘van or a lamp post or even a nearby tree.

Perfect your sports and leisure equipment.
The CamapCave, extra on-site storage space in moments.
Ideal for bikes, BBQ's outdoor furniture and toys.
CampaCave – Somewhere for all your outdoor clutter.

Bivvy Brolly

The Bivvy Brolly is a great umbrella style shelter for sports and leisure use. It opens instantly just like an umbrella. Additional side panels, supported by fibreglass poles on either side, run from the canopy to the ground to keep out the wind.

A useful instant sports and leisure shelter.
Fishing on the Grand Union canal.

We designed the Bivvy Brolly for the angler, however as seems so often to be the case, people were finding other ways to use them. How about an instant shelter at a dog show to keep you and your dog shaded on a hot summer day?

Bivvy Brolly Sports & Leisure shelter
Keep yourself and your dog cool with a Bivvy Brolly.
Bivvy Brolly Dimensions
This is one BIG umbrella!
Big enough for so many sports and leisure activities.
As you can see this is a BIG umbrella style shelter!