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TidyTent XTRA modular zip together storage tent system

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TidyTent modular shed storage system

TidyTent Xtra – a new dimension to outdoor storage

All new TidyTent Xtra brings you a new dimension to outdoor storage. This is the modular, zip-together, extendable version of the Tidy Tent. Note: in the USA the product is also known as the TidyTent Ultra. Note: in order to demonstrate how the TidyTent Xtra is modular, many of the images here show two units zipped together – please be aware the price advertised is for one unit only.

MMSS – consider TidyTent as a Mini Modular Shed System.

Is a single TidyTent (Bike Cave / Campa Cave) not big enough for you? No problem. With the TidyTent Xtra you can extend your storage space to suit your needs.

  • Modular – two or more units may be zipped together to extend your storage space
  • Made from a tough, tear-resistant, hard wearing, durable, woven plastic
  • Each unit fits 2-3 adult sized bicycles
  • Perfect for storing bikes, mobility scooters, BBQ grills, children’s toys, lawnmowers, garden tools, scooters, sports gear, pool equipment, holiday equipment…
  • Detachable front & rear panels for quick and easy access
  • Attaches to wall, fence or freestanding with guy ropes
  • Rear access flap to fit optional “Anka Point”steel security bracket to prevent theft of your bikes
  • New replaceable roof hood for additional protection from rain and sun
  • Supplied in a handy carry bag

TidyTent XTRA – how does it work?

The standard TidyTent (also known as Bike Cave or CampaCave) only has a detachable zipped door panel at the front. Whereas the TidyTent Xtra (TTX) has not only a front door panel but also boasts a completely detachable rear door panel. Just remove the front door of one TidyTent and the rear door of your new TTX and zip the two TidyTents together! Create a double, a triple, a quadruple. Create your very own “TidyTunnel” – as long as you need!

Just like the standard, single door TidyTent, the TidyTent Xtra incorporates twin zip door panels for greater convenience and longevity.

In some models you may find an additional pair of vertical fibreglass poles. These are optional, designed to fit vertically under the two main arched poles to afford additional strength and support in the event of snow.

TidyTent Xtra will attach to the front of your existing standard TidyTent to extend and increase its capacity.


Thousands of happy customers attest to Tidy Tent XTRA being a great low cost and versatile solution to the problem of outdoor storage.

Made from a tough, hard wearing and durable PE polyethylene fabric, the design includes a protective flap over the zip to limit water ingress. Every attempt is made to ensure they are as watertight as possible but there is no absolute guarantee that they are 100% waterproof. Like any tent, depending on the extent of inclement weather, a small amount of rain water ingress or condensation can occur. The mesh groundsheet is designed to improve air flow, reduce condensation and allow any water ingress to escape quickly and effectively.

TidyTent Xtra – use within reason

There is a limit to the weight that the fibreglass rods can withstand and the product really should not be used in snow. It is certainly not designed to withstand heavy snowfall. If you do use in snow then you must clear the snow off regularly to prevent snow build-up. Damage caused to the product as a result of use in snow will not be covered by warranty.

Please note that over time the fabric may fade and degrade in sunlight.  The newest model is now supplied with a replaceable roof hood. This extends the longevity of the product by improving not only waterproofness but also UV protection. When eventually the fabric starts to degrade, rather than having to replace the whole cover, you can now simply purchase a new roof hood!

You must maintain your TidyTent Xtra by regularly spraying or coating the fabric with a proprietary waterproofing and UV protection tent spray. We strongly recommend Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof/Water proofer. One spray can double the effective life of fabric and make it more durable. Click here for more details.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.)


  • Height: 19 cm (7.5″)
  • Width: 63 cm (25″)
  • Depth: 19 cm (7.5″)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg (8 lb)


  • Height: 167 cm (66″)
  • Width: 200 cm (78″)
  • Depth: 80 cm (32″)

How to attach and detach the door panels

The door panels of the Tidy Tent Xtra are attached not with a single zip but with two separate zips, each going half way round. Note that the zips are configured such that one of the zips has the slider attached to the body of the tent and the other has the slider attached to the door panel.

The zips on the front aperture are configured in the opposite way to the zips on the rear aperture. In this way, you can detach the front door panel of one unit and the rear door panel of another unit and zip the two units together. You can zip two, three or more units to extend the size of your TidyTent to suit your needs.

Here is a demo video:

Intellectual Property: Tidy Tent, TidyTent, BikeCave, Bike Cave and CampaCave are all registered trade marks. The product is protected by European Community design registration, US & Chinese design patents. All images and text on our websites and advertising media are copyright.

Additional information

Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 54 × 15 × 15 cm

7 reviews for TidyTent XTRA modular zip together storage tent system

  1. Rosie Danbury

    This bike tent is impressive and I am very happy to recommend. I live in a house with a small garden and no more space in the shed. Thanks guys – great invention your Bike Cave. Together with the additional TidyTent Xtra I now have space for all 5 of our bikes.

  2. Jane Townsend

    A great quality bicycle storage shelter. Really impressed with how easy it was to assemble. Now all our bikes have their own dedicated home. Good quick delivery too.

  3. Ellis

    Just to let you know I am very pleased with my TidyTent, I can store everything I need and still with some room to spare! A great product and well worth the money if, like me, you don’t want to go through the trouble of building a shed. I keep my gardening equipment and all my kids’ outdoor toys in there. I still have room for a bike, too!

  4. Janais de Valois

    Just love this product, this is my third. Thanks for the advice Rob about the Nikwax tent spray – the fabric is lasting much longer this time round

  5. Nobby

    We have bought a couple of these and set them up as an extension to our shed, which is full. We keep the lawnmower and three bikes in them. We also bought the Anka Point security bracket so that we can lock the bikes up. All in all a neat product, a fairly cheap solution to our storage problem. Great design.

  6. James Sherman

    I just bought two of these TidyTent Xtras on recommendation. They were easy to assemble, a little bit fiddly to zip together but not too bad. I’ve set them up with some paving stones lain on the inside to anchor them down. I’m using them freestanding, i.e. not against a wall so that I can gain access from both sides. I’ve got a couple of wheel chock bike stands to support our bikes – my bikes one side, hers the other – a real his and hers solution. I’ve also got the groundsheet staked down and am using the guy lines supplied. My big concern was how would it stand up to wind but so far so good and we’ve had a number of really windy nights so far. So Cave Innovations, you have a very happy customer. This was much cheaper than a shed and I wouldn’t have a clue how to build a shed anyway. Also, we’re moving house in about 6 months time so I can take my TidyTents with me, couldn’t do that with a shed. Oh, and I think you might be getting an order from my next door neighbours who were asking about it

  7. jdk123 (verified owner)

    I’ve just purchased a replacement with the extra module this time. Much stronger material and the extra space is great to store 4 bikes with room to spare. Many thanks!

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