Nikwax Tent – UV and Waterproofing

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Nik Wax is a great way to keep all sorts of items waterproof. Coats, shoes, tidy tents and much more.


Nikwax Tent Spray – additional UV and waterproofing.

Strongly recommended, our Nikwax Tent Spray is an easy to apply, safe, quality waterproofing and UV blocker for synthetic outdoor-use textiles. It can be applied to wet or dry fabrics. Suitable for all synthetic weatherproof fabrics.

This tent & gear waterproofing spray makes your outdoor equipment durable and water repellent. It also improves fabric strength & protects against deterioration from UV. It works on tents, marquees, rucksacks, camera bags and more.

Perfect protection for TidyTent, BikeCave, CampaCave, HideyHood…

Nikwax “Tent & Gear Solarproof” is particularly recommended if you live in a country or territory with high levels of UV exposure.  Even in the UK, sitting your tent south facing will significantly increase the level of UV exposure.

We strongly recommend its regular use as part of maintaining our Tidy Tent, Bike Cave, CampaCave or Hidey Hood products. To maintain and increase the longevity of your tent’s fabric, Nikwax tent spray should be applied regularly (e.g. every 6 months).

Nikwax is also environmentally safe. It is water based and fluorocarbon free. It is not tested on animals and has no propellant gases, so you can feel at ease when you use this product.

This product comes in both a concentrated sachet or a standard 500 ml spray-on bottle. Both are very easy to use. With a 150 ml sachet of Nikwax concentrate, you can make 500 ml. Simply add water, then either fill up a spray bottle or take a brush, cloth or sponge and treat your tent!

Note:  Only one application of Nikwax can double the effective life of your fabric / equipment. For more information, check out the following videos.



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Tent & Gear Solarproof (Concentrate) 3B SDS GBR NIKWAX

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500ml Spray, 150ml Concentrated Sachet


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