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Store your luggage quickly and easily. 

  • Assemble in minutes
  • Easy to pack
  • Protect your possessions
  • Great for portable holiday storage

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Easy, compact storage for when you’re on the move


Make holiday storage easy

April 2021 – UPDATE – after listening to customer feedback, our latest design improvements now include:

  • the lower edge of the door panel is now sealed with an additional horizontal zip
  • the mesh floor panel of the previous model has now been replaced with a PE plastic sewn-in groundsheet
  • two ventilation panels with outer velcro adjustable weatherproof flaps have been added to the roof panel to reduce internal condensation.
  • Easy storage for camping and travelling.
  • Comes complete with guy ropes and ground pegs
  • Tough, hardwearing, and easy to clean
  • Modular – purchase the TT Xtra version, remove front and rear doors, and zip two or more units together to increase the size

“Yes, but is it waterproof?” you ask. Well, yes, providing it’s correctly installed with the roof hood, then it really is (unlike many inferior copies!). Check out our waterproof testing video.

With sales of over 100,000 worldwide, the CampaCave has proved itself to be an innovative, multi-functional, and cost-effective shelter and storage tent for both caravan and camper van. The perfect holiday storage solution for anybody.



Dimensions (approx):
Width: 2 m (6 ft 6″)
Height: 1.67 m (5 ft 6″)
Depth: 0.8 m (2 ft 7″)
Weight: approx. 3.5 kg (8 lb)

Fabric: Made from a tough hard wearing PE Polyethylene with a replaceable flysheet hood for additional water and UV protection.

Packed dimensions (approx):
Width: 63 cm (25″)
Height: 19 cm (7.5″)
Depth: 19 cm (7.5″)


Check out this fun informative video to learn why CampaCave is all the rave!

Plenty of Room

The versatile CampaCave caravan and motorhome storage solution only takes a few minutes to set up (or take down) – perfect for putting all those bits that travel in the ‘van, which you don’t want to take with you if you’re out and about or settling down for a day or two.

CampaCave typical storage usePlenty of room for chairs, a picnic table, and a couple of bikes. It also stops anyone from nicking your pitch if you go off for the day.

Secure Bike Storage

CampaCave is an ideal on-site utility storage shelter when you’re off camping in your caravan or campervan. There’s a handy little flap in the back which can be used to secure your bikes to the bike rack or towing point on the back of the ‘van (or tree or lamppost) with a long cable bike lock. There are even a couple of little hooks to hang up your bike helmets!

You just pick the CampaCave up, position it as you need, chuck everything in and chain it up. Everything stays out of the ‘van, dry and safe while we’re off, down to the clubhouse or sleeping.

Lazy Pete’s Top Tip for saving Time

If you’re touring and, like me, happy to put in as little effort as possible… (and have enough room inside your ‘van), just take out the 5 short bars, push the front and back together and put the CampaCave inside leaving the long poles in place. Last thing in first one out, ready to take all your outdoor clobber. Takes a few seconds to re-assemble.

Safe, shaded and dry.

People are discovering a multitude of uses for CampaCave – it really is an incredibly practical and versatile shelter or storage tent for outdoor living.

For example some people use it as a shady little hut and to shelter from the wind at the beach. Some people use it for bird watching. The Campa Cave is great for outdoor events – dog shows for example – perfect for two chairs and a couple of dogs. A handy bit of shade if it’s sunny or for watching everyone else trying to keep dry when it rains, which it invariably does…

Zip them together for even more room

With sales of over 100,000 worldwide the product has proved itself to be an innovative, multi-functional and cost-effective shelter and storage tent for both caravan and camper vans. Now the new TidyTent Xtra (TTX) version brings a whole new dimension to outdoor storage. If you need even more space, simply zip two or more modules together. Yes, Campa Cave is totally modular! You can extend your storage cave as long as you need!

TidyTent Xtra features two completely detachable double zip door panels for greater convenience and accessibility. To extend your CampaCave buy a TidyTent Xtra, remove the front door of your CampaCave, the rear door of your TidyTent Xtra and simply zip the two tent bodies together.

Product Notice

Please note there is a limit to how much weight the fibreglass rods can withstand. The product really should not be used in snow. It is not designed to withstand heavy snowfall. If you do use in snow then clear the snow off regularly to keep snow build-up to a minimum. Damage to the product as a result of use in snow is not covered by warranty.

Over time it is possible that the fabric may fade in sunlight. This product is manufactured from a tough polyethylene plastic – however we make no guarantee as to the longevity of the product since wear and tear will vary significantly depending on installation method, Ultra Violet (UV) exposure, temperature variation, etc. The product is supplied with a replaceable flysheet / roof hood designed to improve waterproofing and UV protection. The user may extend the lifetime of the product by purchasing a replacement roof hood at the first sign of significant fabric degradation.

CampaCaves – they’re popping up everywhere!

Registered & Protected Trademark

The CampaCave is protected by European Community design registration, registered trademark and international patents. We have sold many thousands of these products and have thousands of delighted customers, however, it is important to note the product does have some limitations.

This product is made from tough, hardwearing PE polyethylene plastic. The design also includes a protective flap over the zip to limit the possibility of water ingress. Whilst every attempt is made to ensure they are as watertight as possible we do not guarantee that they are 100% waterproof.

As with any tent, dependent upon the extent of inclement weather, there can sometimes be a small amount of ingress of rain water or condensation. Should this occur, the mesh ground sheet should permit any water to drain away quickly and effectively.

You must maintain your CampaCave by regularly spraying or coating the fabric with a proprietary UV protection and waterproofing tent spray. We recommend Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof/Water proofer. One spray can double the effective life of fabric and make it more durable.

Questions?  Don’t hesitate – call 07881 677929 or 01525 382938 now. Alternatively, visit our contact page.  We’re here to help.

3 reviews for CampaCave

  1. Alan J Williams

    The first Campa Cave I saw was used by the Warden at Morton in Marsh Caravan site. I thought what an excellent idea so bought one and have used it each season. It’s amazing how easy it is to assemble and how much it will hold, it is water proof and very stable once either secured to the back of the motor home or fixed with tent pegs. Many people have stopped and made a note of your web site address with a view of obtaining one. …I have in fact bought another one to store our granddaughters summer toys in the garden at home!

  2. Steve

    I’ve had it around 4 months now and it stores everything I need it to. It has been up and down many times and is still working fine. Works like a charm. Thanks!

  3. George Campbell

    CampaCave is just perfect for my caravan, holds our bikes and more, as well as being really easy to set up and use. Seems to be pretty good quality too

    George Campbell – Glasgow

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