Tidy Tent Cave Replacement Poles – Full Set of Spare Fibreglass Rods

$ 29.18$ 33.37 Including VAT

Full set of poles – standard size for all Tidy Tents, Bike Caves, Culti Cave & Laundry Domes


Tidy Tent Replacement Poles

Full Set of Spare or Replacement Poles for Tidy Tent/ Bike Cave/ CampaCave/ Culti Cave/ Scoot-a-Cave…

Looking for Tidy Tent Cave replacement poles? If one or more of your fibreglass rods has fractured or needs replacing we’re sorry to hear that but fear not, we do sell spares. These rods will have the same functionality as the previous ones you purchased, rest assured, and have the same dimensions as the ones which came with your product initially.

Here we have a  full set of replacement fibreglass poles – standard size for all Tidy Tents, Bike Caves, CampaCaves, Culti Caves, Scoot-a-Caves & Laundry Domes. All of these products share the same basic frame and the fibreglass poles are all of the same dimensions so this full set of spare fibreglass rods is suitable for any of them.

If you don’t require a full set of fibreglass poles but would prefer to purchase just a single arch pole that’s fine – we sell them singly – just click here to find out more about the single replacement long arch Tidy Tent Cave replacement pole. 

If it’s a single short replacement support pole that stretches the two arcs apart you’re looking for then click here.

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