TidyTent Tidy Tent Outdoor Garden Storage Tent

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The Tidy Tent outdoor storage solution.  Cave Innovations, home of the original Tidy Tent design.

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TidyTent Tidy Tent Outdoor Garden Storage Tent for Bikes and More

Welcome to the original TidyTent Tidy Tent outdoor garden storage tent from Cave Innovations (a division of Rob McAlister Ltd). This is the genuine and original Tidy Tent outdoor and garden storage tent, a product we designed ourselves. Beware of inferior counterfeits. We have spent many years improving our design and ensuring the quality of what has become a whole new concept in outdoor storage. Purchase from either ourselves or our authorised re-sellers to be certain of a genuine TidyTent. If in doubt please contact us.

TidyTent garden storage tent shown here with a large BBQ
TidyTent really is the perfect storage solution for your BBQ!
TidyTent storage solution for small motor scooters
Big enough for a small motor scooter! Thanks to Marcus Hampshire for sending in this image.

TidyTent – New and Improved Model

April 2021 – UPDATE – after listening to customer feedback, our latest design improvements now include:

  • the lower edge of the door panel is now sealed with an additional horizontal zip
  • the mesh floor panel of the previous model has now been replaced with a PE plastic sewn-in groundsheet
  • two ventilation panels with outer velcro adjustable weatherproof flaps have been added to the roof panel to reduce internal condensation.

September 2018 – UPDATE – we are now selling our new and much improved TidyTent model – after listening to customer feedback the product now includes a number of improvements.

New improved TidyTent Bike Cave installed outside home

TidyTent now includes a second skin, a replaceable roof hood. This improves not only the waterproofness of the product but also its longevity. Over time outdoor fabrics fade and degrade due to the sun’s damaging UV rays. With the new TidyTent design, you can now simply purchase a replacement roof hood rather than a whole new product!

“Yes, but is it really waterproof?” we hear you ask. Well, providing it’s correctly installed, yes it really is! Check out the following video, where we give it a thorough testing.

Instead of polyester, TidyTent is now made from a thicker, more hard-wearing, and durable PE (polyethylene). This is the same type of fabric that many tarpaulins are made of. Much tougher and more “heavy-duty” than the previous material!

We’ve changed the shape of the door panel to make zipping and unzipping easier without snagging.

TidyTent – in summary

  • Fits 2 – 3 adult-sized bicycles
  • Ideal for storing bikes, BBQ grills, children’s outdoor toys, lawnmowers, garden tools, scooters, sports gear, holiday equipment and so much more!
  • Detachable front door panel for quick and easy access
  • Attaches to wall or fence
  • Alternatively can be installed free-standing – pegs and guy ropes included
  • Rear access flap for optional “Anka Point” security bracket
  • Easy to assemble
  • Approx 200 cm (78″) long x 167 cm (66″) high x 80 cm (32″) deep
  • Replaceable “roof hood” for additional protection
  • Made from a heavy-duty, tougher more durable, and hard-wearing PE fabric
  • New door panel shape means the zip doesn’t snag

The TidyTent is manufactured from a durable hard-wearing PE polyethylene fabric. Together with its flexible fibreglass rod chassis, it has been designed to provide a lightweight storage solution with the added benefits of being totally portable, quick to assemble, easy to clean, and easy to store.

TidyTent Tidy Tent Outdoor Garden Storage Tent

Designed to be quick and easy to install, the TidyTent has a detachable zipped front panel offering you the choice of having the front open or closed – very useful in the summer months when you need to get things in and out more often.

Tidy Tent garden storage tent shown here with family bikes and scooters.

The TidyTent outdoor storage tent provides an impressive internal storage capacity (easily large enough for two adult bicycles) and folds away into its own compact carry/storage bag. The Tidytent is 200 cm wide, 167 cm high and 80 cm deep when erected and 63 cm x 19 cm x 19 cm packed.

TidyTent garden storage tent with shelves and general purpose garden items.

•Low cost
•Lightweight – easy to carry and transport
•Packs away to a compact carry bag (supplied)
•Big enough for two/three adult bicycles
•Hardwearing and durable fabric
•Arched shape allows rain and snow simply to slide off
•Multi-functional and versatile
•*Detachable front cover
•Quick and easy to erect
•Suitable as either a semi-permanent or temporary/portable fixture
•Optional Anka Point security bracket

TidyTent stores your barbecue, your gardening equipment, and kids’ outdoor toys away – leaving your garden nice and ‘Tidy’!

Tidy Tent garden storage tent used as a cover for your BBQ and general purpose garden stuff.

TidyTent garden storage tent used as a tidy for your wheelie bins

Also great to take with you on your holidays as your very own “CampaCave”! Set it up outside your caravan or motorhome/campervan ( – trailer or RV as they’re referred to in America) and use it to store your bikes and the rest of the stuff that just clutters up your ‘van. You can also use it to “reserve” your pitch whilst out and about during the day.

Take a look at our fun little video – those TidyTent “CampaCaves”, they’re popping up all over!

TidyTent Tidy Tent Outdoor Garden Storage Tent Specification

We have sold many thousands of these products and have thousands of delighted customers, however, it is important to note the product does have some limitations. It’s made from a tough durable PE polyethylene. There is a protective flap that goes over the zip, limiting the possibility of water ingress. Whilst we have tried our hardest to ensure the TidyTent is as watertight as possible, we can not guarantee that they are 100% waterproof. As with any tent,  there can sometimes be a small amount of ingress of rainwater or condensation, dependent upon the extent and nature of the weather.

Please also note there is a limit to how much weight the fibreglass rods can withstand. This product is not suitable for snow and is not designed to withstand heavy snowfall. If you do use this product in the snow, then regularly remove the snow to keep snow build-up to a minimum. Damage to the product due to use in the snow is not covered by warranty.

Product Maintenance and Lifespan

Over time, it is possible that the fabric will fade in sunlight. Please note: the TidyTent Tidy Tent outdoor garden storage tent is supplied with a replaceable roof hood. This improves the waterproofness and UV protection of the product. If after time you notice that the fabric is degrading you can simply purchase a replacement roof hood rather than a whole new cover! Thus the roof hood extends the longevity of the product.

You should maintain the product by regularly spraying or coating the fabric with a proprietary UV protection and waterproofing tent spray such as Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof/WaterprooferClick here for more details.

Tidy Tent & TidyTent, BikeCave & Bike Cave are registered trademarks.

The Tidytent & Bikecave ranges are protected by European Community design registration and international patents.

TidyTent garden storage tent with lawnmower.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.)

Packed dimensions:

  • Height: 19 cm (7.5″)
  • Width: 63 cm (25″)
  • Depth: 19 cm (7.5″)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg (8 lb)

Assembled dimensions:

  • Height: 167 cm (66″)
  • Width: 200 cm (78″)
  • Depth: 80 cm (32″)
Attaching and detaching the door panel of your Tidy Tent Outdoor Garden Storage Tent

The door panel of your Tidy Tent can be completely detached if you wish. The door panel is attached not with a single zip but with two separate zips, each going halfway round. The two zips are configured each the opposite way to the other. One zip has the slider attached to the door panel; the other has the zip slider attached to the body of the tent itself.

This enables the modular version of the product, known as the Tidy Tent Xtra, to zip one body to another thus extending the size of your Tidy Tent. Simply detach the front door panel of one unit and the rear door panel of your TidyTent Xtra, then zip the two tents together. You can zip two, three or more together to extend the size to suit your needs. In this way, you can consider this innovative storage solution as a Mini Modular Shed System.

Here is a brief video of Pete in our warehouse demonstrating how to attach and detach the door panel of your TidyTent outdoor garden storage tent.

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5 reviews for TidyTent Tidy Tent Outdoor Garden Storage Tent

  1. J Kirby

    This is a very handy storage tent. We used it this summer whilst touring in Yorkshire. We used it to store our bikes and bbq – out of sight, out of mind! We could leave our bikes on the site and not have to cart them everywhere with us, as we have done in previous years. Highly recommend

  2. Alan Gibson

    I bought a Tidy Tent in the summer, in which I keep my BBQ and Lawn mover.I have found that is great, and also very strong when there is strong winds and also there is no leaks when it rains.I would recommend it.

    Alan Gibson — Wallington, England

  3. Fred Gordon

    Hi my name is Fred Gordon… I have been a caravanner for many many years, and nearing 80 my wife and I have had to rethink our caravanning setup. We have had many caravans over the years and have fitted awnings etc., to mainly keep the gear associated with touring. Both of us have major medical problems which restricts the heavy activities and therefore we now have bought one of the smallest and lightest caravans available and instead of a awning etc., I spotted your Tidy Tent and said it would take the place of an awning. It stands as shown at the rear of the van within the caravans width. I store : 2 Bikes, 2 Folding leisure chairs. Boxes of outdoor shoes and wet gear. etc All in all a very good buy, Many people on the caravan sites have commented on the idea. How many have bought I do not know… I hope it has a long life Thanks for letting me ‘van a few years more.

  4. J Tsang

    I bought this to store my gardening tools and my lawn mower and it is great storage. It is very easy to put up and so far it has stood up to the wind very well.

  5. Richard Barnes

    Now the proud owner of my second TidyTent. My tent is a permanent fixture in our garden to guard our bikes from the elements. My first TidyTent decayed after 3 years of permanent exposure to the elements, so was pleased that its replacement includes a ‘second skin’ to last even longer. The build quality has improved, as has the design with its anti-snag zips. Good job guys – you have a happy customer here!

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