Bike Storage

Looking for somewhere to store you bike? Look no more! Here at Cave, we have a variety of outdoor storage solutions to keep your bike safe and out of sight, as well as protecting it from the elements. So what are you waiting for? Take a look today!

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Bike Storage

Looking for bike storage solutions, somewhere to store your bike? Bike storage and bike shelters are something we specialise in.

bike storage tent

In modern homes it can often be the case that space is at a premium. The garage may long ago have been converted into a granny annexe and the garden shed is just crammed full of “stuff”. You’ve bought yourself a new bicycle to help get fit but just where do you store your bike? Bike storage can be a real problem.

Bike Storage Solution - The Bike Cave

Bike Tent Bike Storage Solutions – Bike Cave and HideyHood

If it’s a low cost bike storage solution you need, check out our innovative bike tent. We call it the Bike Cave. The very concept of a bike tent as a bike shelter, is something invented right here. In addition to the Bike Cave and it’s modular cousin the TidyTent Xtra, check out the HideyHood multi bike storage folding shelter. This is another innovative solution to the question of where to store your bike.

These clever bike storage solutions make for a cost effective alternative to a bike shed, which is not only more expensive but also difficult and time consuming to install. Our bicycle storage tents are designed to be quick and easy to assemble. The Bike Cave is the patented and trade mark protected original invention of Rob McAlister, pictured below, founder of our company Cave Innovations. Beware of poor quality counterfeits and be sure to purchase a genuine Cave Innovations Bike Cave (or Tidy Tent or CampaCave, as it is also known). And if you need something bigger, if you need to store for example up to 5 bicycles then consider our HideyHood folding bike shelter.

Bike Storage Solution - The HideyHood 90

Bike Tent Security – the Anka Point

If you’re concerned about the security of a bike tent then consider our optional AnkaPoint bike storage security bracket. AnkaPoint secures to a wall or fence behind your Bike Cave or HideyHood bike tent with special one-way anti theft screws provided. You can then feed a padlock and chain or cable lock through the AnkaPoint and around your bikes to prevent them from being stolen.

Bike Storage Solution - The AnkaPoint

So, for innovation in bicycle storage and bike shelter products you’ve definitely come to the right place. The Bike Cave is our innovative bike tent, great for storing one or two bikes. Buy a TidyTent Xtra if you want to zip on another unit to extend the size (see below). You simply unzip and remove the front door of your standard Bike Cave (or TidyTent or CampaCave), unzip and remove the rear door of your TidyTent Xtra.

You can then zip the two units together to form an expanded bike shelter big enough to store the whole family’s bicycle collection – well at least 4 full size bikes. And remember don’t be concerned about security. You can prevent theft of your bikes by installing our optional Anka Point bike security bracket through the flap in the rear panel to the wall or fence behind with it’s special anti-theft screws. Then just feed a cable lock or padlock and chain through the bracket and around your bikes. So, to summarise: Bike Cave or HideyHood plus Anka Point = a cost effective total bike storage solution. Happy shopping!

Modular outdoor storage system.
Need more space? Tidy Tent Xtra is modular. Just zip on another one.