HideyHood 90 Mobile Storage Solution – the “HOLIDAY HOOD”

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HideyHood 90 Mobile Storage Solution

The amazing HideyHood 90 HOLIDAY HOOD really is the perfect mobile outdoor storage solution. Supplied with our ingenious Magic Hook suction fittings, it can be fixed to the side of your caravan or motorhome to create a 90 degree lift up, drop down storage solution for bikes, motorbikes, mobility scooters, BBQ’s, prams, push chairs, tables, chairs … the list just goes on and on.

Its great to go on holiday touring with your ‘van but where to store and shelter your mobility scooter? Or your motorbike? Maybe your family’s bikes? Ok, let’s say you’re planning on staying at one location for a week or two but having set up your BBQ, you don’t really want to have to put it away every day … you get the idea? This simple, ingenious product solves the problem of mobile outdoor storage – and at an affordable price!

Super convenient and easy to use, it is a self-assembly product supplied in a carton approx. 51 cm (20″) x 31 cm (12″) x 8 cm (3″), weighing around 4 kg (9 lbs).  To assemble simply slide the fibreglass poles into the sleeves. At both the left and right bottom corner of the HideyHood, you’ll find a nylon webbing strip with a steel “D” ring. Looped through each of these “D” rings are 5 steel “hinge pins”. Insert the steel hinge pins into the hollow ends of each of the 5 arched fibreglass poles. One person can do this though it is easier with two.

The product is supplied with our removable stainless steel Magic Hook suction pad fixtures. These have to be seen to be believed. They adhere to most relatively smooth surfaces. The surface contact area of each Magic Hook is circular with a diameter of about 8 cm (3.2″) so you’ll need to check that the surface of your ‘van has that amount of smooth surface area available for each. The outer edge of the HideyHood has a number of eyelets. Position 2 or 3 of the Magic Hooks so that they align with any of the eyelets. We recommend that you secure the HideyHood at the apex and at least to one eyelet either side.

The “Magic Hooks” are very easy to use. Just peel off the cover, then press onto a smooth surface. Squeeze the air out and you’re all set. You can choose to leave in position ready for next time or remove them and rinse with water, so that can be reused. We recommend you dry them with a hair dryer.

Once assembled the dimensions of your folding shelter are an ample 250 cm (98″) wide x 170 cm (66″) high x 170 cm (66″) deep. You’ll find it’s big enough to swallow 5 bicycles.

*Note: check that you have at least 2.5 metres (8 ft 2″) of available space before purchasing. Product returns will not be accepted if you purchase this product and subsequently find it’s too big!

HideyHood has an integral awning to prevent rain from pooling in the pleats when folded open and strong double-stitched elasticated loops and eyelets for pegging down. Most people however choose not to peg it down, as the weight of the cover holds the hood down even in strong winds.

HideyHood is protected by EC Registered Design Rights and US Patent, other international design patents have been applied for.

1 review for HideyHood 90 Mobile Storage Solution – the “HOLIDAY HOOD”

  1. Peter and Rena

    Wasn’t sure how good this would be but have to say we’re both pretty impressed. We use it to shelter our bikes and some of the other clobber that you don’t want inside the campervan. Was pretty simple to set up

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