Parcel Delivery Solutions

Always out when the postman comes to visit? Need an easy, secure way to receive parcels? Here at Cave Innovations we have a number of parcel delivery solutions. If it’s just a basic, low cost parcel delivery box you need then take a look at our Internet Post Box, available in either green or grey. If you require a higher level of security then the PinPod range of large and small parcel delivery solutions incorporates a unique variable POD code system.

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Parcel Delivery Solutions

Are you looking for secure parcel delivery solutions? Here at Cave Innovations we have a range of parcel delivery boxes to suit your needs. Do you shop on the internet? Would you like to receive your deliveries first time every time? Do parcels arrive when noone is available to accept them. If the answer is Yes to any of these questions, we have a parcel delivery solution for you.

Top of the range is undoubtedly PinPod. This is the ultimate in secure parcel delivery solutions – ideal for home and also business use. PinPod parcel delivery boxes come in two sizes. The PinPod “Lo” is a large floor mounted chest for deliveries and collections. PinPod “Hi” is a compact wall (or post) mounted delivery box for unattended deliveries. Both are a secure steel construction in a choice of colour schemes. It’s estimated that over 11 million parcels get stolen from doorsteps per year in the US alone and this is costing companies millions to replace them and this number is only rising. Take a look at this article, for example

The name PIN POD tells the story. A “PIN” is issued for the driver to open your box and a “POD” code is displayed to provide him with an “electronic Proof Of Delivery signature” .

Pinpod Unattended Delivery Solution.
Wall mounted PinPod Hi, ideal for home deliveries.

PinPod parcel delivery solutions are totally self contained and battery operated. If you forget to replace the batteries, don’t worry, the over-ride key will still open the box . If you mount it near to a mains supply you can connect an optional external PSU. A clear, back lit alphanumeric display and intuitive control panel help make PinPod easy to use.

Pinpod parcel delivery solutions
PinPod Lo for secure unattended deliveries and collections.

You can set up a single use PIN for a specific delivery. Just supply the PIN code as part of the address  details. The driver can then access your PinPod parcel delivery box. Multi use PIN’s are available when you are dealing with someone you trust. Maybe you have a regular delivery from a courier you know and trust or want to leave  payment for the milkman or gardener (for instance).

Pinpod alpha-numeric display
Bright, clear display helps make the PinPod easy and intuitive to use.

Optional extras include a pole mount and “top hat” style fixing for the top of a gate post.

Optional steel pole mount for Pinpod Hi parcel delivery box
With a metre of steel pole concreted into the ground, this PinPod Hi is going nowhere!
Pinpod Hi Parcel delivery solutions
PinPod Hi is available in six colour schemes.
Pinpod parcel delivery solutions
There are three colour schemes for the PinPod Lo.

The Internet Post Box – a Parcel Delivery Solution at Under £100

If you’re looking for a simple low cost parcel delivery solution, then take a look at the Internet Post Box. This is a great value secure parcel delivery box that costs less than a hundred pounds. Available in two popular discreet colour choices: dark green or light grey

secure delivery boxcompact delivery postbox

secure compact delivery postbox

The Internet Post Box is a self assembly, polymer construction parcel delivery box. It has a simple mechanical, battery free combination lock. If you’re looking for a low cost parcel delivery solution that does the job, this could well be what you need.

Secure Delivery Post Box - Internet PostBox - Inside View