PinPod UK 3 pin external power supply (15 metre)

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15 m 3 pin power supply for your PinPod

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This PinPod UK 3 pin external power supply is an optional accessory for use with the PinPod secure delivery box. It can be used with either of the two main models, both the PinPod Hi and the PinPod Lo. This is the 15 metre cable version.

Batteries go flat, they aren’t cheap and they’re not very environmentally friendly either. Depending on your geographic location (batteries performance drops off in extreme cold)and depending how often you use it, you may find it worthwhile investing in this PinPod UK 3 pin external power supply.

You can run your PINPOD using this handy power supply unit (PSU) instead of batteries. This plug in mains PSU is designed for 3 pin UK mains sockets and provides 6 volt DC output to power your Pinpod.  Fitted with a 15 metre cable. There is a hole at the front of your PinPod through which the cable can be inserted and plugged into the socket on the inside. Both optional mounting poles have holes to allow the PSU to be used.