Parasol Bases

From a 15kg concrete parasol base to a mighty heavy-duty 70kg fillable umbrella stand – you’ll find them all here in the Cave! As Meghan Trainor once said, “It’s All About That Base!”

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Parasol bases, parasol stands, parasol holders, parasol anchors – whatever you call them, we have a nice range here at Cave Innovations. From a simple concrete 15kg umbrella stand to a heavy-duty 70kg parasol base you’ll find them here.

Some are solid concrete, others are water/sand fillable (self-fill) bases. When buying online, of course, there’s a substantial advantage in buying a hollow sand/water fillable base. The lower weight means lower shipping charges and easier handling when it arrives. They’re also less prone to damage in transit.

Make sure you pick the right one. The greater the diameter of your umbrella canopy, the heavier the base you’ll need.  Also, it makes a difference whether you’re installing your parasol through the centre of a table.  If you’re erecting your garden/parasol umbrella freestanding you’ll need a heavier umbrella stand.

And, of course, the other factor to take into account, is the thickness of the shaft of your parasol. Check that the umbrella base has a neck diameter that can accommodate it.