PinPod Hi Mounting Pole

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SThis PinPod Hi Mounting Pole is an optional accessory designed to enable the PinPod parcel delivery box to be installed securely and at the desired height wherever you want it. This could be at the end of your drive, at the entrance of your door – whichever solution works best for your home. Easy installation.

Instead of having a wall-mounted, you may prefer to have your secure PinPod electronic parcel delivery and reception box installed at the entrance to your property or at the end of your drive for example. This steel mounting post is designed to do just that.

The Pinpod Hi Mounting Pole is a substantial 2 metres long x 7.5 cm in diameter (approx.) steel pole. The pre-drilled steel top plate is made to fit a PinPod Hi unattended parcel delivery box. Designed to be concreted into the ground, the pole has a tough, textured, black powder coated finish.

Note: The large hole in the horizontal plate lines up with the front corner of the PinPod box,. This allows the optional external power supply to be used instead of batteries.

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