XtendaHood Extension Hood for TidyTent, Bike Cave, Scoot-a-Cave and CampaCave

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XtendaHood is a simple zip detachable hood structure which can be purchased as a useful accessory to extend your TidyTent to the front or rear – or buy two and extend both ways!

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XtendaHood – a new dimension to storage!

XtendaHood is another outdoor storage innovation from Cave Innovations. Designed to attach to either the front or rear of our patented “cave” structure garden & outdoor storage range. It fits the TidyTent, Bike Cave, CampaCave and Scoot-a-Cave.

TidyTent XtendaHood


Simple to assemble, just slide the fibreglass rods through the sleeves and insert the metal hinge pins into the hollow metal ends of the rods. Simple to install, just unzip and remove the door panel from your “cave” then zip the XtendaHood to your cave! The product also includes fixings to secure it to the ground.

The innovative XtendaHood extension hood adds a new dimension to outdoor storage, quite literally! For example, if you struggle to manoeuvre your scooter into your storage cave, with XtendaHood you can drive nose up to it,  climb off, drop the hood down and walk away – how easy is that? And so many more uses. What will you store in yours?






XtendaHood Features

When zipped you’ll notice the rain flap covers the zip to limit water ingress.

XtendaHood zip with rain flap to prevent water ingress.      


Metal “D” rings for pegging down or for strapping up with toggle and loop.


The metal hinge pin system makes for quick and easy installation.


Dimensions (approx.) : 170cm wide, 150cm high, 150 cm deep.

Note: XtendaHood is made from a tough PU-coated 210D Oxford polyester fabric. Over time, the fabric may bleach and degrade under the sun’s ultraviolet rays. It is therefore advisable to treat and spray regularly with Nikwax waterproofing and UV protective spray to prolong the life of the product.

Please note, though photographed showing how it attaches to a TidyTent, XtendaHood is sold as the extension hood only.

The design is worldwide patented.



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