TidyTent TRIO Triple Arch Extra Strong Outdoor Storage Tent

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The all new TidyTent TRIO triple arch outdoor storage shelter for bikes, lawnmowers, bbq’s, scooters, garden tools, pool equipment … Extra strong 4 season modular mini shed garden and bike outdoor storage system.


Extra Strong Modular Outdoor Storage System – the all-new TidyTent TRIO TRIPLE ARCH

Outdoor bike storage just got better! Our newest and best-ever model. The TidyTent TRIO modular and portable outdoor storage system now incorporates a radically robust triple arch design. It has the same dimensions as our previous models at 2m wide x 1.7m high and 0.8 m deep. With an increase from 5 to now 7 cross-member fibreglass poles and 7 corresponding nylon webbing tear resistance straps, this gives massive extra strength. A true 4-season outdoor storage unit for garden and yard or for portable overflow storage for caravan and camper-“vanners”. Check out the above video, where we conduct weight testing to simulate its strength and the extent to which it can resist the weight of freshly fallen snow. We tested both the standard TidyTent as well as the TRIO.

The TidyTent TRIO has front and rear door access. You can fix it to a wall or fence with the screws and wall plugs provided for maximum strength in winds. Alternatively, you can also install *free-standing. It’s a completely modular design. You can detach the front door of one and the rear door from another, then just zipper the two units together to increase the storage capacity. Actually, you can extend by zipping together as many units as you need.

Bike Storage TidyTent TRIO extended closed without hood

TidTent TRIO is modular - shown here with two zipped together!

Tidy Tent TRIO Outdoor Storage Solution – Key Features

Bike Storage TidyTent TRIO with two bikes

  • Extra strong TRIPLE ARCH 4-season fibreglass frame with 7 x cross-members
  • Durable PE tarpaulin fabric with 7 x nylon webbing strengthening bands
  • Replaceable flysheet/roof hood for additional UV50+, snow, and rain protection
  • 2 detachable doors give optional access from the front and rear
  • Modular – two or more units may be zipped together to increase storage space
  • Large enough for 2-3 bikes
  • Self-assembly – supplied in a handy carry bag
  • Can be installed wall-mounted (or free-standing with pegs and guy ropes included)
  • 2 x large internal mesh storage pockets for your rain gear clothing
  • 3 x hooks inside for cycle helmets or suspending a flashlight for those dark winter months
  • Rear access flap for optional “Anka Point” anti-theft security bracket
  • Assembled – 200 cm (78″) long x 167 cm (66″) high x 80 cm (32″) deep
  • Packaged – 61 cm (24″) x 22 cm (9″) x 20 cm (8″) – weighs 4.2 kg (9 lb, 4 oz)

Bike Storage and more for your Garden or Yard

Designed originally over 10 years ago as an innovative and cost-effective outdoor bike storage solution, TidyTent continues to evolve. Known also as the Bike Cave, the CampaCave, and Scoot-a-Cave this versatile product has proven itself as a practical low-cost storage shelter for many other products. The following list is by no means exhaustive.

Bicycles, scooters, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, lawnmowers, BBQs, garden furniture, tools, pool equipment, outdoor toys, beach gear, logs, coal, holiday equipment, sports gear, garden tools, child car seats, rubbish bins, strollers, pushchairs, prams… – so you see, it’s for more than just bike storage!

Outdoor Storage for up to 3 x Wheelie Bins
Big enough for 3 wheelie bins!

TidyTent is an amazing garden storage solution. An alternative to a shed. Ask yourself how much would it cost to put down a concrete base and install a conventional wooden shed. And how long would it take? Can you do it yourself or would you need to employ someone? How often would you need to replace the pitch roof? TidyTent is a garden storage system that comes in a box just 60 cm x 17 cm x 17 cm and you can set it up in about 15 minutes. If one isn’t big enough, remember this is a modular storage system for your garden or yard. You can zip two or more units together to create the size that you need.

Extra Storage TidyTent TRIO modular storage tent
Modular storage system – double unit
TidTent TRIO is modular - shown here with two zipped together!
TidyTent TRIO is modular – you can zip two or more units together to increase your storage capacity!

Portable Storage – Home and Away!

Portable Storage TidyTent TRIO with 2 bikes at side of caravan
Portable Storage Solution for Caravans, Campervans, RVs, Motorhomes

The TidyTent TRIO is a totally portable storage solution. Ideal for outdoor overflow storage when you’re on vacation with your caravan, RV, or campervan. Strong and robust set it up at the rear or the side of your van. You’ll find it easily swallows two or three bikes. You can also use it to shelter your mobility scooter, your BBQ grill, camping chairs, tables, beach inflatables, and more. Oh, and if you need to drive your van away for the day, it’s a handy way to reserve your pitch!

Caravan Extra Outdoor Storage x 2

Outdoor Caravan Storage for BikesIt’s compact when packed away so doesn’t take up much room. And again, think of it as a portable storage system. If one unit’s not big enough, they’re modular – you can extend the size of your shelter by zipping two or more together!


Caravan Outdoor Storage TidyTent TRIO double closed
TidyTent TRIO double storage unit better than an awning! 
Campervan storage
Also, a great way to reserve your pitch while you’re gone for the day!


We designed the TidyTent outdoor storage tent over 10 years ago. The new TidyTent TRIO is the result of our continuous improvement program. We listened to your feedback and as a consequence, the product now incorporates the following improvements.

  • New central 3rd arch, additional cross-members and nylon webbing tear resistance strengthening strips give additional strength in snow and high winds
  • Improved door shape reduces zip snagging
  • New stronger zip
  • Improved overlap and “velcro” type hook and loop sealing along bottom of doors limit water ingress
  • Door aperture sills stiffened to provide resistance – enables “velcro” type hook and loop pads to be more easily pushed against each other
  • Additional/improved fly sheet (roof hood) fixings
  • Arch fabric sleeves made from tougher 400D polyester – reduces wear and extends product life
  • Replaceable roof hood gives additional protection from rain, snow and UV damage – also extends product life
  • 2 large mesh internal pockets give handy storage for cycle clothing and other items
  • 2 hooks to hang up your cycle helmets
  • A handy central roof hook from which to suspend a torch/flashlight for those darker winter months
Bike Storage TidyTent TRIO
Extra strong bike storage solution – new triple arch with roof hood


And, just how waterproof is it? Well, providing it’s correctly installed you’ll find it really is very good. Check out the following video where we put one to the test.

Please note, that this product is protected by various aspects of intellectual property.


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