Replacement Spare Tidy Tent Pole – Long “Arch” Pole for TidyTent/Cave products

$ 15.25 Including VAT

1 x Replacement Spare Tidy Tent Pole – long arch pole

Long arch pole – standard size for all Tidy Tents, Bike Caves, Culti Cave & Laundry Domes

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Replacement Fibreglass Poles

Long ‘Arch’ Pole for TidyTent/ Bike Cave/ CampaCave/ CultiCave/ Scoot-a-Cave/ Laundry Dome/ Tidy Tent Xtra


Looking for some replacement fibreglass poles?  Is it just one of the long arch shaped poles that you need to replace? As shown on the diagram, this product offers a spare for the long arched pole.

Unfortunately over time fibreglass poles do eventually fracture and break overtime. So you will eventually need replacement fibreglass poles, whether its a replacement or spare. It’s a good investment for the future! However, the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to purchase a completely new product as we sell spares here. Built to last a good amount of time.

Note: many of our products share the same structure with the same dimensions so this pole will also work for Bike Cave, CampaCave, CultiCave, Scoot-a-Cave, Laundry Dome and Tidy Tent Xtra. If you wish to check compatibility of a product, please contact us and we can and tell you if it works with that product.

Box comes with:

1 x Long Arch pole

Long arch pole. Standard size for all Tidy Tents, Bike Caves, Culti Caves, CampaCaves, TidyTent Xtras, Scoot-a-Caves & Laundry Domes

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