Replacement Short Tidy Tent Pole – Support Pole for TidyTent/Cave Products

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Replacement Short Tidy Tent Pole

Support Pole suitable for TidyTent/ Bike Cave/ CampaCave/ Culticave/ Scoot-a-Cave/ Tidy Tent Xtra/ Laundry Dome

1 x Replacement Short Tidy Tent Pole

Short arch pole –¬†standard size for all Tidy Tents, Bike Caves, Culti Caves, CampaCaves, Scoot-a-Caves, Tidy Tent Xtras¬†& Laundry Domes

Note: This is one of the 5 short fibreglass support poles that stretch and hold the two arch poles apart, the two arch poles can be purchased separately, see the link below if you’d wish to purchase a spare arched pole instead.

Over time fibreglass poles can fracture and break. Not to worry, we have plenty of spares, which we assure will last a good amount of time! These poles are crafted from fibreglass, so it gives them increased protection against the wind to ensure they last a good amount of time.

The metal end caps can corrode as well which is why replacements or spares can come in handy. It’s not always necessary to replace the whole product. Here at Cave Innovations we sell a number of spare parts. This is the short pole but if it’s the long arch pole you need, click here.

Or, if you’d prefer to purchase a complete set of spare poles, click here.