Replacement Tidy Tent Cover & Door Only – for TidyTent/ Bike Cave/ CampaCave/ Scoot-a-Cave

$ 50.79 Including VAT

A replacement cover for your Tidy tent, campa cave or scooter hood.

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This is a replacement Tidy Tent Cover & Door Only in GREEN, no poles, pegs, wall plugs or fixing kits come with this item. This is sold as a replacement or spare cover for TidyTent, Bike Cave or CampaCave.

Over time the fabric of your Tidy Tent, Bike Cave or CampaCave will degrade with exposure to the sun and eventually may tear (especially when the neighbour’s cat jumps on the roof – which actually in our experience happens surprisingly often!)

Note: the longevity of the fabric can be significantly improved by routinely spraying with Nikwax tent spray. However, if it eventually tears you can either attempt a repair with duct tape (gaffer tape). Or buy a replacement Tidy Tent cover, which we sell here.

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