Double Canopy Cloud Umbrella

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Windproof Double Canopy Umbrella – Cloud Design

This windproof double canopy umbrella is really special and very practical. Comes in a cloud design.  Available in a rain design also, it actually is what it’s name says it is.  A double canopy cloud umbrella.  On the outside you have a very smart yet traditional black canopy.  To the unknowing  it is just a plain old black umbrella.  But, underneath there is another canopy with picturesque clue sky and fluffy clouds! A nice surprise on a rainy day.

This handsome umbrella is practical, stylish and also windproof . It has an Auto-open mechanism, black rubberised crook handle and of course the gorgeous inner cloud design.

Imagine, you’re walking – people see a sleek black umbrella, but you can see loads of beautiful clouds everywhere above your head as if its a sunny day when its raining!


The canopy span of is double canopy cloud umbrella is 124cm (approx 49 inches) and overall length is 95cm (approx 37.5 inches).

A fibreglass frame and shaft give a very robust yet lightweight feel. With standard 8 panel construction these umbrellas are not only smart, stylish and practical they are different enough to brighten the dullest of days.

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