15 kg Garden Parasol Concrete Stand

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15 kg Garden Parasol Concrete Stand. Perfect for keeping your garden parasol up.

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15 kg Garden Parasol Concrete Stand / Parasol Base

This sturdy, round garden parasol concrete stand weighs approx. 15 kg. If you’re investing in a decent garden parasol then it’s important to consider the right parasol stand for the job. In a sudden gust of wind an unanchored outdoor parasol can cause havoc.

Despatched direct from our supplier in Southend, UK. Current lead time  is approx. 1 week.

Particularly with larger wooden framed parasols you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the wind. You need to securely anchor your outdoor parasol with a substantially weighted parasol stand.

With a 42 cm (16.5″) diameter, this robust concrete garden parasol stand features a rubber ring around the base for ease of use. This makes it easy to roll into position if you can’t lift it.

An essential anchor for your parasol!

There are also a number of rubber feet on the underside to grip the floor, making sure it won’t slide around. Well built, reliable and weatherproof, this round garden parasol concrete stand is perfectly designed to stand firmly under your garden table. It will prevent your outdoor parasol from blowing away in that on-going battle with mother nature.

A coated steel support tube screws to the centre of the concrete base. We also supply a set of various plastic inserts. These enable the tube to accommodate a variety of different sized umbrella shafts.

This top quality concrete umbrella base is suitable for umbrella and parasol poles with a maximum diameter of 4.4 cm (1 ¾ “) and a minimum diameter of 2.5 cm (1”). An adjustable screw, inserted in a hole at the top of the tube clamps onto and supports the parasol shaft.

Your concrete parasol base will be shipped protected in moulded polystyrene packaging in a single outer carton with simple assembly instructions included.

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