Rainwater Terrace – 2 x 2 Tier Water Butts

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2 x 2 Tier water collection system. A great way to save water.



Rainwater Terrace 2 x 2 tier water butts

Rainwater Terrace® water butts are a new multi award-winning* concept in rainwater collection. This innovative, integrated rainwater harvesting system and water butt, makes it easy to use rain instead of tap water to increase your “grow your own” sustainability.

Save water now with this 2 x 2-tier 268 litre Rainwater Terrace water butt. This kit is built up from two 134 litre Rainwater Terrace water butts linked together with the unique linking kit. This model gives you a combined 268 litres of rainwater storage capacity. It includes 2 top planters and 4 side planters (i.e. 2 x side & 2 x front), which are self-watering.

Water Butts Save water

A number of semi-transparent drain tubes with built-in taps on each level indicate the amount of water stored. These same quick-flow  drain tubes also allow you to fill watering cans in just a matter of seconds – no need to stand and wait!

Each level has two completely detachable planters with integrated wicks delivering water to the roots of the plants without washing away valuable nutrients in the soil, encouraging growth the way nature prefers. A large planter with capillary matting sits on the top. These look stunning with trailing flowers, but can also be used to grow herbs and vegetables.

The product requires no special tools nor complicated plumbing. Installation really is very simple and straightforward. Full instructions are provided together with a diverter which fits standard plastic down pipes (68 mm round & 65 mm square).

Approximately 123 cm high including the top planter.

Choice of Colours:

  • Black
  • Terracotta
  • Dark Green
  • Bright Green
  • Black

The clever design of the Rainwater Terrace rainwater collection system diverts rainwater from your roof’s down pipe into the top container then cascades through the whole tower. Water is delivered to your plants on the way, whether flowers or vegetables. Rather than overflow, any excess rainwater is fed back into your drain. This flow of water keeps your stored water from turning stagnant.

Boasting numerous advantages over other rainwater harvesting systems, Rainwater Terrace products are designed and manufactured in the UK. The unique design saves you money by using free rainwater in your garden, rather than paying for tap water.

Save money & time!

It also has an integrated growing system, enabling flowers and herbs to grow beside the water reservoirs. It makes an attractive addition to any home. In addition the top planters can also provide you with more growing space, perfect for strawberries. Try that with a traditional water butt!

There are many domestic rainwater harvesting systems on the market. Some are less expensive. None have the same finesse and visual impact. No other water butt addresses the issues of standing water becoming stagnant, smelly and attracting unwanted insects. With Rainwater Terrace water butts, when it rains, older stored water is replaced by new, keeping your supply sweet and fresh.

Rainwater Terrace® is a high quality product, injection moulded in heavy gauge UV stable plastic. The strong durable components have excellent impact strength. They are manufactured to perform in all weather conditions, most cheaper alternatives are not!
Note: this product is packed in two boxes.


  • 4 x 67 litre water containers
  • 4 x planter trays
  • 2 x plinths
  • 2-tier tube kit
  • 4 x planters
  • 4 x planter capillary wicks
  • 2 x top planters
  • 8 x top planter capillary wicks
  • standard rain diverter kit
  • 2 x security kits
  • outlet tube
  • connector kit
  • assembly instructions

Note: this product is packed in two boxes.


  • Height: 123 cm
  • Width: 113 cm (excluding planters)
  • Depth: 58 cm (including planters)

Spares and additional planters are available, please contact us for more information.

Award Winning…

*Introduced at the GLEE exhibition in September 2013, Rainwater Terrace® won the ‘Best in Garden Care’ and ‘The Retailers Choice’ awards. It was a Silver Winner in the DIY Week 2014 awards for the Garden Accessory of the Year,  and a finalist for product of the year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  It also won the ‘Consumer Product of The Year Award 2014’ at the Four Oaks Trade Show.

Please note: Plants / compost are not included

2 x 2 tier water butt dimensions


Additional information


Black, Bright Green & Black, Dark Green, Terracotta


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