Rainwater Terrace – 3 Tier Water Butt

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Three tier 200l water butt.



Rainwater Terrace 3 tier 200L water butt.

Rainwater Terrace® is a new multi award winning* concept in rainwater collection. This innovative rain water butt system makes it convenient to use rainwater on your garden and increase your “grow your own” sustainability. More sophisticated and more attractive than the common place single barrel shaped water butt.

Start saving water today with one of these attractive 3 Tier Rainwater Terrace rainwater storage system. A neat stacking water butt tower. It boasts a 200 litre water storage capacity and includes 1 top and 4 side planters for flowers, herbs or soft fruit.

The 3-tier Rainwater Terrace water butt diverts rainwater from the roof of your property via your down pipe into the top container. The water then cascades through the whole water butt tower delivering water to the plants on the way down.

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What’s so special about the Rainwater Terrace water butt?

The system is designed cleverly not to overflow when full. Excess water is fed back into your drain preventing the possibility of stagnant water.

A series of semi-transparent quick-flow drain tubes with built-in taps on each tier reveal the level of water stored. These same tubes are also designed to allow you to fill your watering cans in seconds (5 times quicker than from a tap) – no longer do you need to stand and wait!

Each of the three tiers has detachable planters with integrated wicks delivering water to the roots of the plants and encouraging growth. There’s also a large planter with capillary matting which is positioned on the very top tier.

These are great for growing trailing flowers, but can also be used to grow herbs, vegetables or salads for easy picking close to the house.

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Think of the plants!

If you could ask your plants what they wanted to drink, they would reply “pure rainwater, please”! Capturing, storing and using rainwater is something we should all try to do for the
sake of the environment, for the benefit of our gardens and to preserve a precious resource that is too often taken for granted. Oh, and if your house is fitted with a meter, it also helps save money!

Requiring no special tools or complicated plumbing Rainwater Terrace is remarkably simple and quick to install. It comes with full instructions and a diverter which fits standard plastic down pipes (68mm round & 65mm square).

The 3 Tier Rainwater Terrace stands around 167cm high including the top planter. Note: the product is entirely modular – additional units can very easily be linked together using a connector kit to increase your storage capacity.

Colour choices:

  • Black
  • Terracotta
  • Dark Green
  • Bright Green
  • Black
  • Dark Green & Black (Limited)

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1562822801434{padding-top: 20px !important;}”]Make sure your garden is fully prepared for that next dry spell or even a drought! Designed and manufactured in the UK, the unique design has numerous advantages. Rainwater Terrace® saves you money by using rainwater in the garden, rather than tap water you have to pay for. It also has a neat integrated growing system, making an attractive addition to any home, rather than just another dull old water barrel!

There are many rainwater collection systems on the market. Some cost less, but none are as clever and few are as cool. No other water butt on the market addresses the issues of stored standing water becoming stagnant, smelly and attracting unwanted insects. Older stored water is replaced by new, when it rains, keeping your supply sweet and fresh.

What are the benefits?

  • Detachable, integrated planters for growing herbs, flowers and soft fruit.
  • Through-flow of water keeps stored water sweet.
  • Modular construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expandable
  • Attractive design

Rainwater Terrace® is a high quality product built to last. Injection moulded in heavy gauge UV stable plastic. The strong durable components have excellent impact strength. They are manufactured to perform in all weather conditions, most cheaper options are not!

Pack contents:

  • 3 x 67 litre water butts
  • 3 x planter trays
  • plinth
  • 3-tier tube kit
  • 4 x planters
  • 4 x planter capillary wicks
  • top planter
  • 4 x top planter capillary wicks
  • standard rain diverter kit
  • security kit
  • outlet tube
  • assembly instructions


  • Height: 167 cm
  • Width: 53 cm wide (excluding planters)
  • Depth: 49 cm (excluding planters)


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Designed and manufactured in the UK.

*Introduced at the GLEE Exhibition in September 2013, Rainwater Terrace® was the star of the show. It won the ‘Best in Garden Care’ and ‘The Retailers Choice’ awards. It was also a Silver Winner in the DIY Week 2014 awards for the Garden Accessory of the Year and finalist for product of the year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

In addition, Rainwater Terrace won the ‘Consumer Product of The Year Award 2014’ at the Four Oaks Trade Show.

Additional planters and other spare parts are available, please contact us for more information.

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Black, Bright Green & Black, Dark Green, Dark Green & Black, Terracotta


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