Silverback UV Protective Beach Parasol

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A silver parasol for garden or beach. This parasol gives UV protection making sitting in the sun a lot more fun.

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Silverback UV Beach Parasol / Beach Umbrella for serious sun protection

If you love the sun but the sun doesn’t love you then maybe you should think about buying a proper UV beach parasol. The Silverback UV beach parasol is for people who are serious about sun protection.

Construction is as important as the protection levels offered so the Silverback UV Protective Beach umbrella features strong steel ribs designed to remain flexible in breezy conditions and a gloss white two-piece powder coated shaft with an easy to use height-adjustable clamp (minimum height 125cm & maximum height 205cm).

To complete the feature list, these excellent UPF (50+) UV protection beach parasols include a tilt adjust mechanism for alternate angle positioning. Stay cool and covered as the sun ambles across the sky. The canopy span is a substantial 180cm, approx. 70″. Please note:  a base unit is NOT included.

Silverback UV Protection Beach Umbrella for maximum sun protection

These Silverback UV Protection Beach parasols are an absolute must when UV protection, staying cool and dry is of the utmost importance – absolutely ideal for relaxing on the beach. These days more and more people are starting to understand the dangers of too much sun exposure and the importance of a good quality UV beach umbrella.

With their metallic silver reflective outer skin and matt black internal lining we are positive you’ll be impressed with the protection levels achieved by these top quality sun protection umbrellas.

The metallic silver outer lining of the canopy is designed to create a UV block of higher than 98% (UPF 50+) whilst the added advantage of the black underside means that any ground or laterally reflected indirect UV rays are absorbed rather than reflected back down onto your head and shoulders by the parabolic canopy shape.

There are many brightly coloured and pretty beach umbrellas on the market. Warning: most beach parasols use ordinary fabrics and afford minimal protection from the sun. The single most important factor in choosing a UV protection beach umbrella is the UPF (Ultra-violet Protection Factor) or SPF (Sun Protection Factor).



High quality, UV protective fabric

A UV beach parasol must have a good quality fabric specifically designed to give extra protection from the sun’s direct UV. The Silverback range of UV protection umbrellas all offer high rates of not only direct UV sun protection but also have matt black undersides to absorb indirect ground reflected UV.

This is extremely important when sunbathing on a sandy beach because the sand is made of silicone, the same material used for making glass – in other words highly reflective. The almost parabolic shape of the underside of a beach parasol will reflect and concentrate the sun’s rays on your body lying underneath it…

Unless of course the underside is black, which absorbs and does not reflect. This Silverback UV protection beach parasol has a black underside – got it?

3 reviews for Silverback UV Protective Beach Parasol

  1. Anna Drayton

    I don’t have particularly sensitive skin but thought that if I was going to get a beach parasol then I should get a good one. Just back from a week at Brean sands. This parasol was perfect keeping myself and my daughters nicely shaded all day long.

  2. Andy Peters

    I think it actually felt cooler underneath. Had to anchor it down. I think I need to buy one of those sand screws next time

  3. Carlye

    These really are very good outdoor parasols. Bought one to set up on the beach for our recent holiday. They really work. A lot of people asked us where we got it from and was happy to recommend.

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