Spare Terracotta Wormery Tray Pack (2 pcs)

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Spare trays for your wormery.

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Spare Wormery Trays

This product is a spare Terracotta wormery tray pack (2 pcs) for Worm Factory Standard Plus. Also compatible with Worm Factory 360 Worm Bin and Worm Factory Standard Worm Bin.

The Terracotta Worm Factory Standard Plus is supplied with three composting trays. If you wish to increase you composting capacity you can buy more spare wormery trays. Spare trays are available in packs of two. You can extend the Standard Plus Wormery up to seven trays i.e. two packs of extra trays.

Increasing Production

Do bear in mind that a greater number of worms and more waste being recycled will lead to an increase in production. Therefore you will need to ensure you regularly take and use the compost. This is to avoid huge puddles of worm waste all over the floor and the inherent health & safety issues caused by slip risks.

While the spare trays are called Terracotta they are actually made of plastic. In this case terracotta refers to the colour… not the construction material.

Once you’ve seen the difference in your plants and vegetables when using worm factory compost you will never buy compost again. Put rich nutrients back into the soil with a wormery.

2 reviews for Spare Terracotta Wormery Tray Pack (2 pcs)

  1. Phillip

    Arrived quickly and in good shape. My last wormery became full quicker than I thought so I was pleased to find that you sell spare trays so that I can extend it, They appear to be very good quality – strong and sturdy.

  2. Jazlyn

    I bought my wormery a few years ago but needed extra space. I reckon these trays should give me the extra capacity I need. Arrived quick. Ten out of ten – thanks guys

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