Wheelchair Accessible Parcel Delivery Box – PinPod

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The ultimate parcel delivery box. This product has so many features that you would not believe it.

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Wheelchair Accessible Parcel Delivery Box – PINPOD

Our patented PinPod wheelchair accessible parcel delivery box (or collection box) offers a huge capacity for parcels. PinPod is an outdoor mobility aid for the 21st century. If you’re elderly, infirm, disabled or have limited mobility you’ll already appreciate the wonders of home shopping.

TV shopping, mail order shopping or internet shopping really are a God send if you struggle to get out and about. But for many people, having multiple parcels and groceries delivered to your home or business presents a serious problem. You may not always be there to receive your goods.

PinPod Lo floor standing parcel delivery box
Perfect for secure unattended deliveries and collections.

Sometimes, if you are in, you may not be able to hear the door being knocked. Or, you may hear it but just can’t get to the door quickly enough.  Having your parcels left with neighbours isn’t always what you’d prefer.

Here at Cave Innovations we’ve taken a look into this modern lifestyle problem and developed what we believe is the ideal solution. We call it PinPod. It’s a secure home delivery box for internet shopping, mail order and TV shopping. Designed as a secure unattended parcel delivery and parcel collection system.

PinPod Unattended Parcel Reception Box Floor or Wall Mounted?

There are two different versions of the PinPod parcel box available.

The PinPod Lo floor standing large chest style locker box. Sited at ground level, this is for people who receive larger parcels. multiple deliveries or groceries. Alternatively, we also offer the PinPod Hi. A smaller wall-mounted or post mounted parcel box for people who receive smaller packages. This is generally attached to a wall or fence at a height to suit each individual. It can also be mounted on a post.

Steel pole mounted Pinpod Hi parcel delivery box
PinPod Hi – can be post mounted at a height to suit your needs
PinPod Lo large parcel delivery box
PinPod Lo

For additional security, all PinPod fixings are attached from inside. The sloping shaped lid encourages rain to run off rather than sit on the control panel. There’s a “safety stay” which holds up the lid. This makes it safer and also more convenient to load and empty your parcels in and out of the PinPod Lo.

Wheelchair Accessible Parcel Delivery Box wall mounted
Pin Number Access Control
Wheelchair accessible parcel delivery box PinPod Hi
Fit PinPod to the height you require.

Made in Britain

British designed and engineered, the PinPod Lo wheelchair accessible parcel delivery box has a multipoint electronically controlled locking mechanism. But it also has a manual key operated override. With safety in mind the PinPod Lo parcel box has been designed so a child can’t get accidentally locked inside. The handle has to be turned from the outside to lock it.

There are also various holes in the rear panel and on the underside to avoid the risk of suffocation. External Dimensions 109 x 65 x 67 cm (w x h x d ). Internal 100 x 60 x 62 cm (all dimensions approx.). Your Pinpod Lo is delivered in three packages, which require some easy self assembly. It’s supplied with a set of standard wall/floor fixings and batteries.

Wheelchair accessible parcel delivery box PinPod Lo
Easy access for people with mobility issues.


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PinPod Hi Small, Wall-Mounted, Pinpod Lo Large, Floor-Standing


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