HortiHood MINI Replacement Spare Pole for both 90 and 180 models

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1 x Replacement Pole suitable for Horti Hood Mini 180 and/or Horti Hood Mini 90

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Horti Hood MINI 90 and 180 Replacement Spare Pole

Looking for a HortiHood MINI replacement spare pole?   Over time the fibreglass poles which support your HortiHood MINI can sometimes break. Nothing lasts forever, as they say, but if one of the fibreglass rods in your HortiHood MINI 90 or HortiHood MINI 180 has broken then fear not. There’s no need to replace the entire product. If you own a HortiHood MINI 90 or 180 and you need to purchase replacement or spare fibreglass rods we sell spare rods right here.

1 x fibreglass replacement pole suitable for:

  • Horti Hood MINI 180
  • Horti Hood MINI 90