Horti Hood MINI 180° Folding Grow Dome

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Some may call it a cloche. We call it the hortihood mini. Whether you grow seedlings under cover or protect plants in the winter this will take care of them.

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Horti Hood MINI 180° Small Greenhouse  / Folding Grow Dome

It’s almost insulting to call this small greenhouse ‘Mini’. For a cloche, it really isn’t! At approx. 87 cm high, 135 cm wide, and 174 cm long you will be amazed at what you can fit into this UV Stabilised PVC dome-shaped miniature greenhouse.

As recommended by BBC Gardeners’ World

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Simple “fold up / fold down” action for all-round easy access
  • Folds away when not in use

The HortiHood ® Mini 180 º  small greenhouse is free standing with loops around the edge to peg it down and, as with our other similar models, full access is easy with the simple lift-up/drop-down action.

Place it over your smaller raised beds or on open ground for all-year-round growing. Use it to bring on your young plants or protect your tender plants during the winter. Pop your seedlings under it in the spring to bring them on.  Then just take it off when your seedlings are big enough.


  • Made from super-tough reinforced UV stabilised PVC
  • Mesh covered ventilation panel
  • Germinate your seeds, grow on your plants and extend the growing season – all in one place!
  • Encourages plant growth and helps protect your plants over winter
  • Perfect for hardening off young seedlings in the Spring
  • Great for troughs, grow bags, pots, raised beds, or on open ground
  • Ideal for allotments, small gardens, and balconies

Protect your plants!

Placed over your established plants it will protect them throughout the winter. In our experiments, we found that plants inside the HortiHood Mini 180 were 8 degrees centigrade warmer than those outside after a sharp overnight frost. That’s clearly the difference between a plant surviving or dying.

Horti Hood Mini 180 small greenhouse is safer than a traditional cloche or cold frame as there’s no glass to break!

The Horti Hood Mini 180 small greenhouse is lightweight and easy to fold away when you don’t need it. It’s quick to assemble, compact, practical, and of great value. Can you afford to be without the Horti Hood Mini 180º? It’s the ideal way to get involved with the grow-your-own revolution.


Height: 87 cm (34″)

Width:  135 cm (53″)

Length:  174 cm (69″)

Packed dimensions

Height: 43 cm (17″)

Width:  32 cm (12.6″)

Depth:  6 cm (2.5″)

Weighing around 3 kg (6.5 lbs). Easy to pick up and take it away or mail order.

The following video shows an independent review by Liam Bulson of Love2Learn Allotmenting.

We do a smaller wall-mounted version of the Horti Hood MINI 180 – we call it the Horti Hood MINI 90. Click here for more details.

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