Culti Cave Modular PVC Greenhouse System

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The Culti Cave, designed and produced by Rob McAlister Ltd. Great ideas for your home outside.

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CultiCave Culti Cave Modular PVC Greenhouse System

CultiCave joined to a CultiCave TRIO
CultiCave system is modular – here showing a standard CultiCave zipped to a CultiCave TRIO

CultiCave 2023 model

… and 3 months later (note: staging not included)

CultiCave TRIO with staging and plants inside CultiCave TRIO with plants inside  Culti Cave TRIO close-up odf plants growing inside   CultiCave TRIO close-up of plants growing inside

Arriving soon, the new design will include the following design improvements:

  • same high-grade thick UV stabilised PVC fabric
  • same modular/extendable design
  • same additional mesh door panel
  • new flysheet/roof hood for additional weather protection and shading
  • new ventilation panels in the roof
  • new 3-way zipped removable door design with anti-snag zips

and also brand new CultiCave TRIO models

  • new 4-season CultiCave TRIO model with extra strong triple arch design for extra strength – designed to take the weight of snow!

CultiCave TRIO new model

  • new CultiCave XtendaHood – the lift-up/drop-down zip-detachable extension dome which can be attached to the front and/or rear of the new design CultiCave to increase your growing space with the easiest of access!

CultiCave XtendaHood shown without roof hood fitted    CultiCave TRIO without roof hood fitted with XtendaHood extension hood  

  • Extend the season with CultiCave, the modular mini greenhouse system! You can mix and match different products to create the perfect greenhouse growing solution to suit your needs. It’s all about caves and hoods. You can zip together two or more standard CultiCaves to extend as a tunnel. And the same with the CultiCave TRIO range. You can even add a standard to a TRIO (see image below). Or, you can add the CultiCave XtendaHood to either the front or rear (or both!) to create your easy lift-up/drop-down extension hood. And yes, they are also compatible with the TidyTent storage range so you can combine a mixture of both storage and greenhouse units on your allotment.

Standard CultiCave and CultiCave TRIO zipped together  Standard CultiCave, a CultiCave TRIO and a Culti Cave XtendaHood all zipped together


Showing 2 Culti Caves joined together
July 2023 – Produce starting to grow nicely in a double CultiCave!
CultiCave for the Grow Your Own revolution!
Home grown vegetables really taking off – July 2023!
CultiCave Greenhouse in the snow
December 2023 – CultiCave still growing good produce even in the snow!
CultiCave TRIO double shown growing produce even in the snow!
CultiCave really does extend the growing season!




Culti Cave – your cultivation cave! Growing your own fruit and veg has never been more popular, this is why Rob McAlister Ltd has designed this innovative grow tent – the CultiCave Culti Cave PVC modular mini greenhouse.

CultiCave greenhouse for vulnerable plants
CultiCave is the perfect solution for bringing on and protecting vulnerable plants

Whether you like to grow fruit, vegetables, plants, or shrubs you will have probably thought about buying a greenhouse, cold frame, or poly tunnel at some time or other. So why haven’t you done anything about it?

Staging not included

CultiCave Culti Cave PVC Greenhouse – Why do I need a Culti Cave?

Greenhouses are costly, difficult to erect, and often require quite a fair bit of space besides being a permanent structure. You probably only need your greenhouse at certain times of the year but once it’s in place, they’re there all year around.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take it down in a matter of minutes and store it away under your kitchen sink, for example, until next year, or even until your garden party is over? Well, you can if you have a Culti Cave.

CulCave mini greenhouse
CultiCave modular greenhouse system is ideal for the small urban garden

•Beware of cheap alternatives! Unlike many other plastic grow houses, the Culti-Cave is made from tough UV-stable PVC and will not perish and disintegrate in 12 months’ time!

•It is significantly bigger than most others (over 4 times the volume of the current market leader) enabling tomatoes and larger plants to be grown and allowing you quick, easy access.

•Ideal for larger plants and flowers – also tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, strawberries, squashes, etc.

•Perfect for growing plants in grow bags, designed for four standard grow bags

•Sewn-in groundsheet to stop slugs, insects and other garden pests from getting in – also promotes a more humid growing atmosphere.

•Quick and easy to install – either wall-mounted or freestanding.

•Easy to ventilate on hot days by either partially or wholly unzipping the front and rear panels.

•Zipped door panels on both sides for quick and easy access.

•Comes complete with an additional mesh door panel to maximise ventilation while keeping out pests.

•Modular – two or more units may be zipped together to extend the size.

CultiCave with mesh door attached
On very hot days attach the mesh door panel for maximum ventilation yet still protect from insects and birds

CultiCave Culti Cave PVC Greenhouse – UV stabilised PVC*

Developed primarily for larger potted plants, shrubs, climbers, and vegetables, the Culti Cave has rapidly become a welcome phenomenon within the Gardening community, providing excellent protection from those relentless garden pests, insects, and unforgiving weather.

In our own experiments, we found that the air temperature inside the CultiCave, when measured after a sharp overnight frost, was around 9 degrees warmer than outside. That’s the difference between life and death for many vulnerable plants.

The Culti Cave is designed to protect your new plants from the wind, rain, and snow with its unique, curved shape. It is made from a high-grade UV stabilised PVC for longer life providing excellent protection and an easily maintained, durable wipe clean surface.

Culti Cave plastic greenhouse
CultiCave protects seedlings and brings on those vulnerable younger plants

Size DOES matter!

Packed away, the Culti Cave is a mere 54 cm x 18 cm x 14 cm and an amazing 2 m x 1.67 m x 0.8 m when erected, weighing in at just over 4 kg. What, not big enough you say … No problem – the Culti Cave has a door at the rear that can be simply unzipped allowing you to connect a second, third, or even fourth Culti Cave should you desire. That’s right, you can make this modular solution as large or small as you want!!

In addition to the saving in terms of cost, erection time, and space required, your Culticave will shrug off the unwanted attention of wayward balls of all sizes. If a child should run into it, you’ll have a clip for “You’ve been framed”, rather than a pile of broken glass and a trip to A&E.

The CultiCave is protected by European Community design registration and international patents.

*Culticaves are made of PVC, which is a 100% recyclable material. PVC is an exceptionally durable plastic, used for instance in water supply and sewage pipes, which can last for over 50 years. PVC is 100% recyclable and has the longest history of recycling among plastics. The PVC industry perhaps has a better understanding of its products than manufacturers of most other synthetic materials. In Europe alone, more than 260,000 tons of post-consumer products were recycled in 2011 through industry-sponsored schemes.


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  1. Lilly

    After the lovely summer we had, my plants are still going strong thanks to my CultiCave greenhouse! My friend recommended it to me at our gardening plot and I have never regretted my purchase since. A great product, thanks!

  2. Sian PADFIELD (verified owner)

    Superb service and customer care
    Thank you so much
    Will spread the word to all my family,friends and work colleagues.

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