Horti Hood 180° Free-standing PVC Greenhouse

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Horti Hood 180 PVC Greenhouse – features and benefits

Welcome to our amazing Horti Hood 180 PVC Greenhouse. If you ever fancied starting your own ‘Eden Project’… you can now with the HortiHood 180 folding greenhouse.

•Quick and easy to set up
•Germinate your seeds, grow on your plants and then extend the growing season… all in one place
•Simple “lift -up, drop down” access
•Encourages plant growth and helps protect your plants through the winter
•Ventilation panels for hot and humid weather
•Great for troughs, grow bags, pots, staging or open ground
•Integral awning to prevent rain build up in the pleats
•Ground loops, guylines & pegs to fix the Hortihood down
•Tough, UV stabilised, PVC material

Horti Hood 180 PVC Mini Greenhouse


Height: 167 cm (66″)

Width:  250 cm (98″)

Length:  334 cm (132″)

Packed dimensions

Height: 51 cm (20″)

Width:  30 cm (12″)

Depth:  9 cm (4″)

Weighing around 8 kg (18lbs). Easy to pick up and transport. All measurements are approximate.

The HortiHood 180 PVC greenhouse is made from high-quality UV stabilised PVC and the frame consists of light, strong, flexible fibreglass poles.

HortiHood 180 Folding Greenhouse – radical patented new grow dome design

The HortiHood 180 folding greenhouse is a product you can use all year round, or fold it up and put it away. The generous dimensions of the Horti Hood 180 PVC greenhouse allow it to be used over raised beds, on your allotment and in your garden as a versatile, easy access greenhouse – particularly useful for keen gardeners with mobility difficulties.

The HortiHood 180 folding greenhouse is great for the elderly but also totally fascinating to schoolchildren learning the benefits of Grow Your Own.

PVC greenhouse hortihood
Great on your allotment

With the Horti Hood 180 PVC greenhouse, you will be impressed by the quantity and variety of plants that will fit into this futuristic-looking dome design. Tall plants/climbers can be grown in the centre of the Horti Hood 180 PVC greenhouse with smaller plants in front.

You can even put greenhouse staging in to germinate more of your seedlings and bring on smaller plants. In our own experiments, we have found that the air temperature inside when measured after a sharp overnight frost was 8 degrees centigrade warmer than outside, easily the difference between plants surviving or dying!

The easy lift-up/drop-down access from both sides of the HortiHood 180 folding greenhouse means you can reach even the tallest and furthest plants. When you don’t need access you can peg it down using the elasticated loops and eyelets around the bottom. It’s even got four, easy to open and close, mesh-covered air vents built-in.

PVC Folding Greenhouse in allotment

The Horti Hood 180 PVC greenhouse is a large, quick and simple to erect greenhouse that won’t break the bank… and importantly with the HortiHood 180 folding greenhouse, the kids can’t break the glass!

Construction is simple and, with two people, doesn’t take too long at all. Simply feed the nine fibreglass poles through the fabric sleeves, insert the ends into the brass eyelets, fix it down and you’re ready to go. Pegs and guylines are supplied, though you might want to consider additional measures in the event of crazy weather like we’ve seen here in the UK recently.

Easy access

With the HortiHood 180 folding greenhouse access is quick and easy, you just lift it up at the front or back (or both) and you can get to everything. Need to hold it open, no problem. You can use the simple hood system (also great for regulating ventilation) or the loops and toggles.

HortiHood 180 Folding Greenhouse

If you intend to leave your Hortihood open for a while the integral rain awnings at the top slide over the framework. They hold the ribs in place while stopping the rain from gathering in the folds, saving you a drenching if you close it after a shower!

For additional support in bad weather, the Horti Hood 180 PVC greenhouse features additional straps which simply hook into the upper ribs of the frame to provide reinforcement.

Horti Hood 180 PVC Greenhouse made of tough UV stabilised PVC

HortiHoods are made of a UV stabilised PVC which is actually a 100% recyclable material. In years gone by PVC had a bad reputation, but the benefits of this material are now better understood. Let’s look at the facts…

PVC is actually a synthetic material derived from oil and salt and is one of the most scientifically investigated substances on the planet. Investigations have consistently found that far from being a problem material, science indicates that it is not very different from other materials and indeed possesses some interesting natural advantages.

HortiHood 180 folding PVC greenhouse community garden
Not in the right place? Unpeg it, pick it up and move it! Easy as that!

PVC is a material with a lower carbon footprint and minimal environmental load in terms of CO2 emission, compared with metal or glass products of the same application. PVC uses less natural resources to produce.

57% of PVC is made out of chlorine, which is derived from common salt that is abundant on earth. Therefore PVC contributes significantly to saving oil or gas, which are non-renewable resources, in comparison to other plastics whose composition depends entirely on oil.

Long life span!

Plastics are often perceived as symbols of throwaway or single-use. However, they are durable materials that do not rust or corrode. PVC is an exceptionally durable plastic, used for instance in water supply and sewage pipes, which can last for over 50 years.

PVC is 100% recyclable and has the longest history of recycling among plastics. The PVC industry perhaps has a better understanding of its products than manufacturers of most other synthetic materials. In Europe alone, more than 260,000 tons of post-consumer products were recycled in 2011 through industry-sponsored schemes.


To see a video and independent review of the Hortihood 180º by Liam at Love2Learn Allotmenting please click the following link


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