Horti Hood / HortiHood 90° Wall Mounted Folding Greenhouse

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It’s hard to describe just how great this product is. The Horti Hood 90 fixes to a wall or fence and fits so many plants in you just won’t believe it.

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Horti Hood 90 Folding Greenhouse – key features and benefits

Welcome to our patented Horti Hood 90 folding greenhouse.

Horti Hood 90 Folding Greenhouse open
On warmer days, just lift up the HortiHood and catch a bit of rain.

•Quick and easy to set up
•Germinate your seeds, grow on your plants and then extend the growing season… all in one place
•Simple “lift -up, drop down” access, multi position height adjustment
•Folds up against the wall when not in use
•Encourages plant growth and helps protect your plants through the winter
•Ventilation panels for hot and humid weather
•Great for troughs, growbags, pots, staging or open ground
•Integral awning to prevent rain build up in the pleats when folded open
•Ground loops to peg the Hortihood 90º down
•Fixing kit included
•Tough, UV stabilised, PVC material
•Suitable for walls and fences above 115 cm high


HortiHood 90 Folding Wall-mounted Greenhouse
With the HortiHood canopy down warmer temperatures really bring on and protect young plants and seedlings.

HortiHood 90 Folding Greenhouse – radical new easy access design

Pushing the boundaries of design the curvaceous Horti Hood 90º fold-up greenhouse is perfect for the ‘Grow Your Own’ fan.

This innovative, wall-mounted greenhouse is a great way to germinate your seeds, grow on your plants and then extend the growing season… all in one place. With your HortiHood you can grow a wider variety of plants.

HortiHood 90 folding greenhouse
The HortiHood 90 wall-mounted folding greenhouse (top, left) ready to drop down if night time temperatures are forecast as low.

The wall-mounted Horti Hood 90° folding greenhouse is extremely spacious at 250 cm (98″) wide x 167 cm (66″) deep x 167 cm (66″) high. Packaged, the HortiHood 90 is just 51 cm (20″) long x 30 cm (12″) wide x 8 cm (4″) high and weighs just over 4 kg (9lbs). Two mesh-covered ventilation panels allow your plants to breathe while keeping out the pesky critters. You can close them if you want to increase the temperature and humidity. For greater ventilation, you can hook the front up in any of four different height settings.

You will be amazed at the things you can grow in a Hortihood 90º. There’s plenty of room for taller plants at the back and lower ones nearer the front. Alternately greenhouse staging against the wall/fence will vastly increase how much you can get inside. Grow-bags, pots, and troughs will all be at home in your Horti Hood 90°. Using the Horti Hood fold-up PVC greenhouse allows you to extend the growing season, starting earlier and growing for longer, later into the year.

HortiHood 90 will protect your plants during the Winter. In our experiments, we have found that the air temperature under the Horti Hood 90 when measured in the morning after a sharp overnight frost is 8 degrees Celsius warmer. That can easily be the difference between plants dying or surviving.

2016-07-16 12.36.09

Access couldn’t be easier or quicker. Simply lift up the front and hold it in place with the hook or loops & toggles. For more serious pottering you can slide the frame under the integral rain awning. This not only holds it securely out of the way, but it also prevents rain from gathering in the folds and saves you from a potential soaking when you close the greenhouse after heavy rain. An additional, double hooked, central strap provides extra support and helps reinforce the HortiHood in the event of snow.

Your Hortihood 90° folding PVC greenhouse can be fixed to a wall or fence with the screws and plugs included in the pack. You can use one on your allotment, fixed to the side of your shed.

HortiHood 90mini greenhouse in Lindy Fleetwood's garden
HortiHood 90 ready for action in Lindy Fleetwood’s garden – March 2020

Horti Hood 90 Folding Greenhouse – the versatile PVC greenhouse

Hortihood 90º is large enough for you to add greenhouse staging, allowing you to grow even more! When the weather gets cooler pop your vulnerable plants inside to help protect them during the winter. A major benefit of the Horti Hood 90º PVC wall-mounted folding greenhouse is its ease of use and convenience. If you don’t need it you can take it down, leave it folded up against the wall or take it down and put it away until next year.

A key feature of the HortiHood 90 fold up greenhouse is the rear “wind block panel”. While the maximum height at the apex of the Horti Hood is 167cm, this panel means you can fix your Horti Hood 90 folding greenhouse against walls or fences as low as 115 cm. In addition to the five brass fixing eyelets across the lower edge of the “wind block panel”, you can achieve a secure mounting by using as many as possible of the seven eyelets around the edge of the Hortihood 90º.

And unlike a traditional greenhouse, there’s no glass. The Horti Hood 90 folding greenhouse shrugs off footballs (and most other missiles) and if a child should plough into it at full speed, they’ll just bounce off! Much more entertaining and considerably safer than a conventional glass greenhouse.

HortiHood 90 Folding Greenhouse – wall-mounted PVC Greenhouse

Hortihoods are made of a UV stabilised PVC which is actually a 100% recyclable material. In years gone by PVC had a bad reputation, but the benefits of this material are now better understood. Let’s look at the facts… PVC is a synthetic material derived from oil and salt and is one of the most scientifically investigated substances on the planet.

Investigations have consistently found that far from being a problem material, science indicates that it is not very different from other materials and indeed has some interesting natural advantages.

PVC is a material with a lower carbon footprint and minimal environmental load in terms of CO2 emission, compared with metal or glass products of the same application. PVC uses less natural resources to produce. 57% of PVC is made out of chlorine, which is derived from common salt that is abundant on earth. Therefore PVC contributes significantly to saving oil or gas, which are non renewable resources, in comparison to other plastics whose composition depends entirely on oil.

Plastics are often perceived as symbols of throwaway or single-use. However, they are durable materials that do not rust or corrode. PVC is an exceptionally durable plastic, used for instance in water supply and sewage pipes, which can last for over 50 years.

PVC is 100% recyclable and has the longest history of recycling among plastics. The PVC industry perhaps has a better understanding of its products than manufacturers of most other synthetic materials. In Europe alone, more than 260,000 tons of post-consumer products were recycled in 2011 through an industry-sponsored scheme


As shown in a number of our images, you can use proprietary staging or shelving, readily available at most good garden centres to take advantage of the product’s height particularly at the rear against a wall or fence – however, please note that the product is not supplied with staging.


Horti Hood & HortiHood are registered trademarks.

The HortiHood 90 ranges are protected by European Community design registration & US Design Patents.

International patents & design registration applied for.


Click on the video below to see more information on the HortiHood 90 folding greenhouse.

6 reviews for Horti Hood / HortiHood 90° Wall Mounted Folding Greenhouse

  1. Symona

    Lifts up easy and drops down when finished – why didn’t someone invent this years ago – this is a superb mini greenhouse

  2. Phil Peterson

    I am disabled and use a wheelchair. This greenhouse is ideal for me as I can get good access to all my plants with it folded well up out the way and then drop it down when finished. The plastic is made of a good and thick quality. The kids footballs don’t break it either

  3. Dolley

    Delayed my feedback because I wanted to give it some time to test it out properly. Much sturdier than I thought. No problems in the wind, which to be honest was something I was concerned about. Have installed against the wall on our patio and have already grown some wonderful produce – impressive product – really easy to use

  4. John C

    Great product, grew some lovely courgettes and tomatoes this summer!

  5. John

    Great product that was pretty easy to set up. Good for the winter months to stop your plants dying. Fit perfectly on my wall, would recommend.

  6. Jared White

    The Horti Hood has really worked out as an ideal mini greenhouse for me. Two seconds to lift it up out the way and I can get to everything. I’ve grown some really nice tomatoes this year. It’s also perfect for putting some of my more vulnerable plants away when it gets cold. It was fairly easy to set up but I would recommend you get someone to give a hand as it’s quite a big old beast.

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