UrBin Grower™ – self watering organic growing system

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UrBin Grower™

Self watering container / raised bed / organic growing system

The amazing Urbin Grower Self Watering Organic Growing System facilitates growth through a mixture of the “Square Foot” gardening method, all natural soil additives and a self-watering reservoir. You’ll never have to fuss with watering again! Urbin Grower Self Watering Organic Growing System optimises water usage – perfect for drought conditions.

Ideal for growing in gardens, greenhouses, patios, yards – and also indoors! The Urbin-Grower™ is a compact, sub-irrigation organic growing system, watering plants from the bottom up. It’s perfect for the gardener with limited space. It can be used almost anywhere – a patio, porch, balcony or backyard.

You can use it both outdoors or even indoors. The Urbin-Grower™ will produce bountiful harvests: an early spring planting of peas, a summer collection of lettuce and greens, and an autumn harvest of kale or spinach. The instruction manual illustrates how to grow beautiful organic vegetables vertically, including squash cucumbers, beans or peas. It is also ideal for tomatoes, strawberries, ornamental plants and more.

How the Urbin Grower Self Watering Organic Growing System works:

Urbin Grower Urban Grower How it works

Growing Container Size: 16″x 16″x 9″ or 40.5 x 40.5 x 23 cm approx.
Growing Container Volume: 6 gallons
Saucer Size: 20″x 20″x 2″ or 51 x 51 x 5cm approx
Saucer Water Reservoir Capacity: 1.5 gallons

Urbin Grower Self Watering Organic Growing System provides endless organic vegetables by facilitating growth through a mixture of the “Square Foot” gardening method, all natural optional soil additives and a patent pending self-watering reservoir design.

The UrBin Grower’s™ unique design waters plants the way nature intended – from the bottom up. Avoid washing away nutrients. Instead of watering through a tube or into a hidden reservoir as is common in other self-watering containers, gardeners water directly into the watering tray, a visible reservoir which allows them to monitor the water level much more effectively.

Take the guesswork out of watering and supply your plants with the precise amount of water that they need. All the plant processes that require watering can take place uninterrupted. The soil system wicks moisture up to the roots, drawing nutrients up with it, ensuring healthy vegetables for healthy families. The exposed water reservoir, only found in the Urbin-Grower™, is always visible.

You can see exactly how much or how little water your particular crops desire. This is a healthy, sustainable way to water your plants. As the water is drawn upward, it delivers essential nutrients to your plants rather than those nutrients being washed away when you water from above.

Urbin Grower sub-irrigation watering system for urban living

Urbin Grower Self Watering Organic Growing System is perfect for urban families – effective where space is at a premium. Portable. Adaptable. Trouble-free healthy organic vegetables anywhere!

Many commercially produced vegetables are chosen because they ship well or last for a long time, but they don’t necessarily taste the best! UrBin Grower has been designed to help you lead a healthy organic lifestyle.

Control the quality of your own food! Eat local – from your own back yard – or if you live in an apartment block you can now grow your own food indoors. Reduce your carbon footprint. The UrBin Grower provides a real alternative to eating ubiquitous industrially produced foods. Supermarkets carry healthy organic vegetables but on average food travels 1500 miles to reach your store.

Many of the vegetables in your store are chosen primarily for their ability to grow quickly and travel long distances. These varieties often lack nutrients and taste. With the nutrient-rich soil additives found in the UrBin Grower, you’ll grow healthy organic vegetables, to be harvested at the absolute peak of freshness.

Note: the Urbin Grower Self Watering Organic Growing System is manufactured to a high standard of quality in the USA from 60% post consumer recycled HDPE plastic.

Why are trace minerals important?

Urbin Grower Urban Grower Self Watering Plant Container Set

Both plants and animals, including humans, benefit from a regular supply of trace minerals, which are best transferred to the human body through vegetables grown in soils which are rich in trace minerals.

Today nearly all agriculture land is depleted of trace minerals, due in part to the exclusive use of chemical fertilizers and ground water pollution.
For trace minerals to be quickly absorbed by plants they must be finely ground into rock dust. In technical terms – 75 microns.

Typical trace minerals included: silica, iron, magnesia, sodium, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese, nickel, tin tantalum, cobalt, chromium, strontium, boron, zinc.

The experts agree – airspace eliminates circling root problems

The Urbin-Grower’s sub-irrigation watering design waters plants the way nature intended – from the bottom up. Permanent airspace is created under the soil separator between the soil above and the water reservoir below. The permanent airspace allows the plant roots to safely enter the water in the reservoir. The plant roots pull the water upward through this permanent airspace into the soil above drawing nutrients with it.

“A pint of water at the root is worth a GALLON on the soil above,”
-Stephen Martin, Garden Writer, UK.

Urbin Grower Ecological Sub-Irrigation Self Watering Plant System allows air circulation to a plant’s roots and prevents problems caused by root circling. According to Oregon State University, which studied this problem – “circling roots are common problems in growing containers. Plants have difficulty getting nutrients, shortening plant’s life span.”

Roots that are circling inside conventional growing containers are more susceptible to the negative effects of excess heat, drought and disease. When plant roots in the Urbin-Grower™ are exposed to the permanent airspace, created by the product’s clever design, then “circling roots are ‘burned’ off or pruned by the air, causing the plant to constantly produce new and highly branched roots,” according to Washington State University.

This stimulates further growth of much wanted secondary roots that branch out within the growing medium.

Urbin Grower Self Watering Organic Growing System prevents thisUrbin Grower importance of airspace

Included in each pack:
•Growing container
•Watering reservoir
•Soil separator
•Complete trace mineral kit
•Coir mulch, chips, and pumice
•Set of seed trays
•Instructional DVD and manual

If you’re interested in the concept of soil separation, the creation of permanent airspace / aeration to roots and the upward watering of plants then you may also be interested in our Smart Soil Separators – click here for more information.

And here’s a great video showing you what a great growing system the Urbin Grower really is.


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