Horti Hood MINI 90° Folding Cloche – wall / fence mounted

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The mini HortiHood 90 is a great little wall mounted cloche or grow dome. Protect seedlings or simply give your plants a warmer environment.

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Horti Hood ® MINI 90°, small folding greenhouse

The mini version of the Horti Hood ® 90° small folding greenhouse, cloche style growing solution is smaller and just as useful.

  • Great for troughs, grow bags, pots, or also for open ground
  • Tough UV stabilised material
  • Integral awning keeps rain out of the folds when open
  • Germinate your seeds, grow on your plants and extend the growing season – all in one place!
  • Mesh covered ventilation panel
  • Also great for use on balconies, patios, terraces …

MINI PVC wall-mounted greenhouse HortiHood MINI 90 open,folded up against the wall

There’s plenty of room for your seedlings and young plants. Fix it against your wall or shed and start planting. Much easier than a cold frame and simple to fold up and put away when you don’t need it. Ideal for balconies.

MINI Wall-Mounted PVC greenhouse / cloche, the HortiHood MINI 90 closed and folded down.

  • Encourage plant growth & protect your plants over the winter
  • Harden off young seedlings in the Spring
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Simple “lift-up / drop-down” access
  • Folds up against the wall when not in use

Start your plants off in here or protect them from the cold weather later in the year. In our experiments, the air temperature difference between the inside and outside of the HortiHood Mini 90 was 8 degrees Celsius.

That’s easily the difference between a plant dying and surviving. Horti Hood Mini 90° is small enough to fit under a window, ideal where space is limited.

small folding greenhouse HortiHood against shed
HortiHood Mini 90 is quick and convenient to drop down to protect young seedlings and plants from night-time frosts


Height:  87 cm (34″)

Width:  135 cm (53″)

Depth:  87 cm (34″)

Packaged dimensions are 43 cm (17″) x 32 cm (12.6″) x 6 cm (2.5″) and weight is around 2 kg (4 lbs).

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Note: we also sell a larger 180-degree floor-standing version of this product, known as the HortiHood MINI 180 – click here for more details.