TidyTent Replacement Front Door Panel

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Replacement door panel for Tidy Tent, TidyTent Xtra and Trio models. The ideal solution if your old Tidy Tent Door Panel has been worn down or damaged.

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Tidy Tent Replacement Front Door Panel 

This is the brand new TidyTent Replacement Front Door Panel. Designed to add additional strength and longevity to all of our Tidy Tent products.

Fits standard TidyTent (also Bike Cave and CampaCave) and also the TidyTent Xtra and Trio models.

If you’ve had any issues with the front zip coming away from the main cave then this will be a quick and easy solution to that problem, helping to make your Tidy Tent as good as new without the hassle of purchasing and assembling a new product. Now the new Door Panel will help to fortify your Tidy Tent against the elements and restore it to its former glory.

The door panel of your Tidy Tent can be completely detached if you wish. The door panel is attached not with a single zip but with two separate zips, each going halfway around. The two zips are configured each the opposite way to the other. One zip has the slider attached to the door panel; the other has the zip slider attached to the body of the tent itself.

With this innovative new design, instead of having to purchase a completely new Tidy Tent, Tidy Tent Xtra or Trio, you can now simply purchase a replacement door panel, thus extending the product’s longevity and making it an, even more, cost-effective storage solution for you.


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