Fishing Umbrella Shelter

Barnaby’s Elizabethan Palace – the Rob McAlister Feline Fishing Umbrella – “Cat”astrophe Avoided

Rob McAlister Fishing Umbrella Shelter to the Rescue!

This is the tale of a compassionate German lady, Barnaby the stray cat and an innovative fishing umbrella shelter.

For the last 10 years a stray cat has been visiting Elisabeth Linder’s garden in London. Over the years, Elisabeth’s life has been completely overtaken by her determination to rescue and care for the cat. The cat, Barnaby (named by Elisabeth), almost feral and fearful of people has started to deteriorate in health and is in need of care. After some significant research Elisabeth purchased the Rob McAlister Ltd Fishing Umbrella Shelter from outdoor product innovators Cave Innovations. The height and angle adjustable umbrella has a clever zip detachable wind shelter. To improve the longevity and waterproofness of the canopy she coated it with Nikwax tent spray.

To be close to Barnaby in order to care for him she has set up a bed on the ground under the shelter. Elisabeth has been in touch several times with Deborah at Cave Innovations customer services with updates on the situation and providing pictures.

Fishing Umbrella Shelter
Barnaby’s “Elisabethan” Palace

“Your fishing umbrella in summer without shelter but big enough to keep him dry. He was in better health at that time.”

Fishing Umbrella Shelter to shelter a stray cat“Here the shelter is adjusted ,you cannot see it because of all the elements I put at the sides to prevent the plastic from making a noise ( frightens him)”


Cat Shelters in Rob McAlister Ltd Fishing Umbrella“Barnaby was so ill by then that I decided around New Year to get him a second umbrella in order to stay near him , even overnight, and not get wet.”

Rob McAlister Fishing Umbrella Shelter

Fishing Umbrella Shelter used in garden as shelter for stray cat“This is the entrance to my tent, Barnaby’s palace is to the right of the paving stones behind the round bush. In the meantime I am so used to my bed on the ground, I even fall asleep sometimes. And thanks to the cleverness of your designer, B has always been protected from wind and rain and kept warm with the aid of many hot water bottles…. I thank all of you for your help and your kindness, I really really do. And also for your compassion, Deborah. Many many kind regards from me and the “patient”…. Elisabeth”

Fishing Umbrella with Wind ShelterFounder and Managing Director of, Rob McAlister, says “It never fails to amaze me the alternative uses people come up with for our products. If our fishing umbrella shelter helps Elisabeth and Barnaby then good luck to them both!”