Launching the new Stealth Fighter Umbrella – “Take Cover! They’re Flying Out The Door”

New Product “Launch” – the Stealth Fighter Umbrella.

Cave Innovations is proud to announce the “launch” of it’s new Stealth Fighter Umbrella. This aerodynamic umbrella has a radical new shape. The delta shaped canopy is reminiscent of the top secret US stealth fighter or stealth bomber, invisible to enemy radar.

The new Stealth Fighter Umbrella is available as both a full length umbrella and also a compact, folding umbrella. Wind tunnel tested, the long version is capable of withstanding wind speeds in excess of 100 km/hour (60 mph), whilst the folding telescopic version can survive wind speeds of 80 km/hour (50 mph). Each version is available in 5 colours; black, white, red, dark blue (navy) and royal blue.

With lightweight aluminium shafts, strong fibreglass / aluminium frame and rubber coated straight handle the Stealth Fighter Umbrella will not turn inside out in a gust of wind. The clever aerodynamic umbrella canopy automatically steers itself into the wind. The low front edge of the umbrella gives optimised visibility, whilst still providing shelter from wind and rain.

Says the company’s Managing Director and Chief “Umbrollogist”, Rob McAlister, “Finally a genuinely windproof umbrella, the Stealth Fighter Umbrella has been an instant success. Forgive the pun, but they are flying out of the door at the moment. This umbrella is totally storm proof. Check out the internet and you’ll see videos, demonstrating this umbrella being tested at speeds over 130 kilometres per hour. That’s just insane! A person can hardly stand up in winds like that. We think this umbrella is a true innovation, just the kind of product we’re proud to sell here at Cave Innovations”.

For more information about the long Stealth Fighter Windproof Umbrella, click here.

For more information about the telescopic Stealth Fighter Windproof Folding Umbrella, click here.


black stealth fighter umbrella

navy stealth fighter umbrellared stealth fighter umbrella

royal blue stealth fighter umbrellawhite stealth fighter umbrella


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