Cobb BBQ – a hot new product – so cool (No really, they are!)

Launching new range of Cobb BBQ portable barbecues

Cave Innovations launches yet another great outdoor product innovation, the portable Cobb BBQ. This ingenious mini BBQ is available in a range of different models with all the accessories you’ll ever need. Compact, yet big enough to roast a whole chicken, this award winning portable camping BBQ has an ingenious insulated design which makes the base cool to touch even whilst cooking! Used correctly this makes it a much safer camping BBQ to take with you on your next camping and caravanning holiday.

Cobb BBQ how it works

Cobb BBQ Portable Barbecue – How It Works

  1. Dome: made from stainless steel with a heat-resistant handle. The design of the holes ensure even ventilation throughout the cooking process creating an oven effect.
  2. Grill Grid: features an easy clean Teflon® non-stick coating. Excess fat drains away through the holes into the moat.
  3. Fire Basket: this is a separate secured area for the Cobble Stone or loose briquettes.
  4. Stainless steel moat: catches all excess fat but can also be used for cooking vegetables.
  5. Base: with anti-slip rubber feet and insulated, the base remains stable and cool to touch during use.

Cobb BBQ – Camping BBQ designed for the great outdoors

Many caravan and campervan sites ban the use of traditional barbecues on fire hazard grounds. But this BBrilliant Cobb portable BBQ will often be permitted due it’s ingenious insulated design. Cobb BBQs are incredibly versatile. They can be used to grill meats: chicken, vegetables, fish, etc.  You can use them to fry; eggs, meat, fish. These amazing portable BBQs can also be used to bake: bread, cakes, even pizza! You can use them to boil: stews, pasta, curries etc. Or, you can use them to smoke: fish, meats, vegetables …

Ideal for one or two people this compact mini BBQ packs away into a small space. It has a host of accessories, which you can add as your outdoor culinary skills improve.

For further details on this amazing new portable BBQ range, click here or telephone 01525 382938 (or +44 1525 382938 if calling from outside the UK)