200 litre 3 tier water but

No ifs, no buts with these rain water butts

Use rain water – it’s what gardens are used to…

New from Cave Innovations is the excellent Rainwater Terrace range of modular, stacking rain water butts with detachable planters. The planters can be planted with vegetables or decorated with hanging flowers to make your rainwater butt a sensational and attractive garden feature. Designed and manufactured here in the UK, they are available in four models and a choice of colours. The models are the 3 tier, 2 tier, 2 x 2 tier and 2 x 1 tier. Totally modular, you can add more if you need to.

The clever thing about this system is that rather than overflowing, fresh water flushes out the old, keeping it clean and avoiding stagnation. The excess water doesn’t just run out and turn your garden into a swamp, it is plumbed back into the downpipe and down the drain.

The design features built in planters on the sides and top of each model. These are self watering and allow plants, herbs and even strawberries to grow around the water but. See the full range in the Home and Garden Innovations department.

rain water buttBrighten up your garden with this bright green and black rain water butt

Stylish and innovative rain water butts.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Rainwater Terrace® is a high quality product built to last. Injection moulded in heavy gauge UV stable plastic the strong durable components have excellent impact strength and are manufactured to perform in all weather conditions. Less expensive rain water butts are not manufactured to these high standards.

No ifs, no buts … invest in a rain water butt. If like most people you’re on a water meter then these innovative rain water butts represent a practical investment that not only looks attractive but also saves you money. With climate change more and more in the headlines, with increasingly frequent summer droughts and hose pipe bans, investing in a modular rainwater butt system such as this makes both financial and environmental sense.

1-tier-134-dark-green rain water buttThese comtemporary style rain water butt are available in classic terracotta colour134-litre-black rain water butt

Introduced at the GLEE Exhibition for the garden and leisure industry in September 2013, Rainwater Terrace® was the star of the show, winning both the ‘Best in Garden Care’ and ‘The Retailers Choice’ awards. The judges said “Enabling plants to feed from the water collection is a fantastic feature. The plants make it attractive to place outside your house, and it’s a good price point too”. Rainwater Terrace® also became a Silver Winner in the DIY Week 2014 awards for the Garden Accessory of the Year, was a finalist for product of the year at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and in September won  the ‘Consumer Product of The Year Award 2014’ at the Four Oaks Trade Show.

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