CultiCave and HortiHood Mini Plastic Greenhouses

CultiCave, it’s all the rave! And the HortiHood is also good!

CultiCave and HortiHood mini plastic greenhouses helping to grow in the small urban garden

Introducing the CultiCave and HortiHood Mini Plastic Greenhouses!

One of the advantages of being the boss of your own company is that you get the chance to be the first to try out new products. Rob McAlister, MD and chief inventor at Cave Innovations lives in a small terraced house near the centre of Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire. Like many urban houses, the garden is quite small. Space is at a premium and it’s for people in a similar situation that many of Rob’s inventions are created.

Take a look at Rob’s garden – well actually, to be fair it’s really his wife Debs who is the keen gardener. The following images show the CultiCave zip-together, modular greenhouse system and also the HortiHood 90 wall-mounted folding greenhouse, which have been in the garden for about 3 years now.

Here are a few photos showing their garden last year, (when they still kept chickens!)

A view of the whole garden – note the HortiHood 90, the CultiCave, the HortiHood Mini 90 and also the Silverback UV Garden Parasol.CultiCave and HortiHood in a small urban garden

HortiHood 90 folding greenhouse
The HortiHood 90 wall-mounted folding greenhouse (top, left) ready to drop down if night time temperatures are forecast as low.
HortiHood Mini 90
HortiHood Mini 90 giving night time protection from frost

Well, that was last year. This year Debs has had a bit of a change around and as you’ll see the garden is really blooming.


HortiHood 90 Folding Wall-mounted Greenhouse
With the HortiHood canopy down warmer temperatures really bring on and protect those young plants and seedlings.
HortiHood 90 open
On warmer days, just lift up the HortiHood and catch a bit of rain.

CultiCave, the plastic modular zip-together greenhouse

When asked about her garden, Debs explains:

“This year the CultiCave is really earning it’s keep.  In there I am growing; lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, mizuna (a salad leaf), radishes and I also have a few sorrel and spinach seedlings in there.

CulCave mini greenhouse
CultiCave modular mini greenhouse

In the winter I will clear it out and it will become the winter home for my 2 olive trees and my orange tree.”

CultiCave mini greenhouse bprotects vulnerable plants
CultiCave modular mini greenhouse system brings on and protects vulnerable plants


CultiCave with mesh door
On very hot days change the CultiCave door to the mesh net door to ventilate yet maintain protection from insects and birds.

The HortiHood wall-mounted folding plastic greenhouse that lifts up and drops down for super easy access

Debs continues:

“In the HortiHood 90 I am growing tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, atlas carrots, and some ‘super food’ moringa oleifera trees. 


HortiHood 90 folding greenhouse
HortiHood 90 folding greenhouse – for easy access

In some of the photos you can see tucked away at the end of the garden our horti hood 180 mini.  This is fixed to the shed but was invaluable in the spring when I wanted to protect the young beetroot plants that I grew underneath it.”

CultiCave and HortiHood Mini Plastic Greenhouses in garden
The smaller HortiHood Mini 90 wall-mounted folding cloche

So there you have it – proof, if you needed it, that plastic mini greenhouses make a real difference in the small urban garden. Watch this space – more updates from Debs as the season progresses. The CultiCave and HortiHood Mini Plastic Greenhouses really are a truly unique and innovative product, suitable for any budding gardener!


For more information about these innovative plastic greenhouses or to buy click

here for the CultiCave modular zip-together greenhouse system or

here for the HortiHood 90 wall-mounted folding greenhouse.

CultiCave and HortiHood – clearly a better way to grow!