Indoor Storm Glass – Weather Prediction

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Storm Glass Weather Barometer – this fantastic and elegant product is truly amazing. The storm glass is used to predict and forecast the coming weather conditions. In appearance, you would mistake this abstract piece for a classy ornament, but there really is so much more to it. 

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We are pleased to announce the arrival of this new and innovative product that is taking the world by storm. This new Indoor storm glass weather predictor is truly an amazing product. Not only is this product a stylish and elegant ornament for around the home, but it also features some mind-blowing traits.

Originally invented in 1834 as a major tool in maritime navigation, this weather bottle can predict and forecast future weather conditions. Sit and watch in amazement whilst the solution and crystals inside change depending on different weather conditions. This truly unique product can be placed in numerous locations around the home including the bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Presented in a pretty presentation box and protected by polystyrene, this makes this the perfect gift for anyone at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even birthdays.

This sealed glass drop-shaped sculpture contains materials that dramatically change depending on the weather. This Indoor storm glass predictor also comes complete with a wooden plinth so you’re able to present an angle in a multitude of ways.

It’s all about the crystals

If the Weather Gets Warmer, the Crystals Will Appear in a Hazy Shape.

Sunny conditions, the Crystals will Disappear

Storm on the way? the Crystals will be Cloudy.

In the Snows, the Crystals will Appear Very Transparent

How It Works – The storm glass weather predictor comes in a sealed glass container. Inside there are multiple elements that allow it to make changes in appearance depending on the weather outside. Watch the crystals change in different seasons of the year. Please note, this storm glass can not always react to quick-changing weather conditions.

Sculptured Decorative Piece – This gorgeous product has been a real hit with homeowners around the world. Why not add this truly unique piece to your home and be the envy of your friends and family. The glass drop-shaped bottle is contemporary and minimalist in its characteristics. Coupled with the unique wooden stand gives this piece a truly elegant look. Ideal for the bedroom office or living room.

Customer Service Guarantee – If your item arrives damaged, we will issue a full refund or arrange a replacement ASAP. Feel free to contact us for any further information regarding this or any other product in our store.

Weather Forecast Glass – Instructions

Perception: Cloudy, Sunny, Rain, Snow

The Weather Forecast Glass is not only a beautiful ornament but also forecasts the weather condition for the next day based on changes in air pressure.

One of the most creative gifts of the year, you can forecast the weather by yourself at home, independent of the weather forecast on TV.

Operating Principle of the Weather Forecast Glass

This is a weather forecasting tool. The transparent solution contained in the airtight glass container is composed of several chemical substances composing a mixture of Distilled Water, Ethyl Alcohol, Potassium Nitrate, Ammonium Chloride, and Camphor. Different shapes of crystals appear depending on temperature and air pressure. The principle of the weather forecasting glass is based on the European ‘Storm Glass’, from the 17th Century.

Notice for use

When the crystals

  • disappear gradually, the weather will be warm.
  • are star-shaped, it will snow.
  • gradually become more feathery, the weather will be cloudy or rainy.

When the liquid

  • becomes cloudy, the weather will be cloudy and gloomy.
  • is clean and clear, the weather will be fine and cloudless.

Please let your weather forecast glass settle for 1 – 2 weeks so that it can adapt to its environment.  Please do not place it in direct sunlight, or in front of air conditioning, this may cause the glass to break.

This little glass weather forecaster is based on the storm glass, invented originally by Robert Fitzroy, a British Navy Lieutenant. when exploring between the years 1834 and 1836. His invention would help predict weather conditions for maritime explorations. For more information on our storm glass on how it actually works, click here.

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