Silverback – Compact UV Umbrella / Parasol

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The perfect travel companion! Pop this silver UV protective compact umbrella in your suitcase and stay safe from the sun on your holiday.

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The Silverback Compact UV umbrella

Introducing the Silverback Compact UV Umbrella. With a metallic silver outer and matt black inner, it’s part of our Silverback range of UV umbrellas.

The Silverback Compact is 24 cm (9.5″) in length when closed and opened has a canopy width of 93 cm (36″). It has lightweight, flexible fibreglass ribs, a good quality chrome shaft and a multi-link frame.

There are many umbrellas on the market with a silver UV protective inner canopy surface – but the silver tends to be on the inside. The silver lining is a proven way of blocking UV. One slight drawback of this approach however is… UV can sometimes be reflected from the ground (depending on the surface). Then, reflected again from the reflective interior of the umbrella onto your head and face.

The parabolic shape of this compact UV umbrella can have the effect of concentrating the UV rays onto ones face. To combat this we have inverted the conventional UV protective design so that the silver is on the outside and the black on the inside. This maintains the benefit of filtering out much of the UV and reflecting it away from the outer canopy surface.

However with a black interior we are able to stop the sun’s harmful rays from being focused onto your head and face! Why not see it for yourself in person?

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