Silverback LiteWalker – UV Umbrella / Parasol

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With a silver canopy and black underside, this UV protective umbrella is really useful on hot sunny days.

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Silverback LiteWalker – UV Umbrella / Parasol

Introducing this Silverback LiteWalker UV Umbrella! There are many umbrellas on the market with a silver UV protective inner canopy surface. The silver lining is intended to reduce the amount of Ultra Violet (UV) getting through the canopy. There is a commonly misunderstood drawback of this approach, however. The ground (depending on the surface) reflects UV upwards. The parabolic shape and reflective interior of the umbrella may then focus and concentrate this indirect UV onto your head and face.

To combat this we have inverted the conventional UV protective design. The silver is on the outside and the black on the inside. This maintains the benefit of filtering out much of the direct UV. It reflects most of the harmful UV A and UV B rays away from the outer canopy surface. However, a black interior also stops the indirect UV radiation from being focused onto your head and face. Think back to your physics lessons at school. Black tends to absorb rather than reflect.

The Silverback LiteWalker is a top of the range UV walking umbrella. It has a lightweight aluminium frame. A very popular, easy to carry UV umbrella. The canopy is some 39″ (100 cm) wide and it measures approximately 35″ (90 cm) from handle to tip. A distinctive aluminium tip along with ‘auto-open’ mechanism set these strong umbrellas apart from most other UV walking umbrellas. It weighs just 410 g.

  • Strong.
  • Robust.
  • Comparatively lightweight.
  • Auto-open.
  • Outstanding levels of UV protection.

If you need sun protection on a daily basis then this could well be the right solution for you. Oh, and it’s also rain proof!


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