Silverback Golf – UV Umbrella / Parasol

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A great quality silver UV protective umbrella.

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The Silverback Golf – special UV protective umbrellas

This rather special UV Golf Umbrella is part of our Silverback range of UV (Ultra Violet) protective umbrellas. Many umbrellas on the market have a metallic silver UV protective canopy. But historically the silver has tended to be on the inner surface. The silver lining of the Silverback Golf however is on the outside. And it’s underside is matt black. There is a good reason for this. Let us explain.

The ground, depending on the surface, sometimes reflects upwards a significant amount of UV radiation. The parabolic shape and reflective inner canopy surface of conventional UV golf umbrellas can sometimes reflect and concentrate this radiation. Ironically, they can focus the UV rays onto the head and shoulders of the very person they’re supposed to protect!  So, to combat this the Silverback Golf inverts the conventional UV protective design so that the silver is on the outside and the black on the inside.

The design still filters out the direct UV reflecting it away from the outer canopy surface. However, its black interior absorbs rather than reflects. In this way it counters the problem of indirect ground reflected UV. It stops the sun’s harmful rays from being focused on the user’s head and face. The Silverback UV Golf Umbrella is manual open. It has a large canopy, some 51″ (130 cm) in diameter. It’s approximately 40″ (100 cm) from handle to tip with lightweight yet super strong fibreglass stem and ribs. Sun proof and windproof.  Oh, and yes it’s also rainproof! Umbrella weight 620 g.

So, if you need maximum UV protection. If you’re looking for a large, robust, windproof UV golf umbrella, designed to last. This is the one.

2 reviews for Silverback Golf – UV Umbrella / Parasol

  1. Cassara

    This product was recommended to me by a friend who know that I suffer from a condition which is aggravated by exposure to sunlight. I’ve been using my Silverback golf umbrella for about a month now and I am soooo pleased with it – it is making a big difference to my life. The quality is great, very strong in the wind and its nice and big, covers me completely.

  2. Pharah Gordon

    Good strong umbrella that was absolutely perfect for my daughter who needs UV protection.

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