Tidy Tent PLUS – storage tent with security fixing

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This is the standard TidyTent storage tent together with the “AnkaPoint” security wall bracket.

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Tidy Tent PLUS – storage tent with security fixing

Welcome to the Tidy Tent PLUS. This is the standard TidyTent storage tent together with the “AnkaPoint” security wall bracket. This is the genuine and original Tidy Tent outdoor and garden storage tent, a product we designed ourselves. Beware of inferior counterfeits. We have spent many years improving our design and ensuring the quality of what has become a whole new concept in outdoor storage. Together with the AnkaPoint™ bike security wall fixing, it makes a 100% weatherproof and fully secure bike storage solution at home in the backyard or garden

Instead of polyester, TidyTent is now made from a thicker, more hard-wearing, and more durable PE (polyethylene). This is the same type of fabric that many tarpaulins are made of. Much tougher and more “heavy-duty” than the previous material!

We’ve changed the shape of the door panel to make zipping and unzipping easier without snagging.

  • Fits 2 – 3 adult-sized bicycles
  • Secure – includes “Anka Point” bike security wall fixing
  • Ideal for storing bikes, BBQ grills, children’s outdoor toys, lawnmowers, garden tools, scooters, sports gear, holiday equipment and so much more!
  • Detachable front door panel for quick and easy access
  • Attaches to wall or fence
  • Alternatively can be installed free-standing – pegs and guy ropes included
  • Rear access flap for optional “Anka Point” security bracket
  • Easy to assemble
  • Approx 200 cm (78″) long x 167 cm (66″) high x 80 cm (32″) deep
  • Replaceable “roof hood” for additional protection
  • Made from a heavy-duty, tougher more durable, and hard-wearing PE fabric
  • The new door panel shape means the zip doesn’t snag


We have sold many thousands of these products and have thousands of delighted customers, however, it is important to note the product does have some limitations. It’s made from tough durable PE polyethylene. There is a protective flap that goes over the zip, limiting the possibility of water ingress. Whilst we have tried our hardest to ensure the TidyTent is as watertight as possible, we can not guarantee that they are 100% waterproof. As with any tent,  there can sometimes be a small amount of ingress of rainwater or condensation, dependent upon the extent and nature of the weather.

Please also note there is a limit to how much weight the fibreglass rods can withstand. This product is not suitable for snow and is not designed to withstand heavy snowfall. If you do use this product in the snow, then regularly remove the snow to keep snow build-up to a minimum. Damage to the product due to use in the snow is not covered by warranty.

Weight & Dimensions (approx.)

Packed dimensions:

  • Height: 19 cm (7.5″)
  • Width: 63 cm (25″)
  • Depth: 19 cm (7.5″)
  • Weight: 3.5 kg (8 lb)

Assembled dimensions:

  • Height: 167 cm (66″)
  • Width: 200 cm (78″)
  • Depth: 80 cm (32″)


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