Tidy Tent Replacement Roof Hood

$ 22.91 Including VAT

Replacement roof hoods for PE Tidy Tent/TidyTent Xtra and also for TidyTent TRIO models. Perfect for adding extra strength and longer life to your Tidy Tent, Bike Cave, or CampaCave product.



Tidy Tent Replacement Roof Hood

This is the brand new TidyTent Replacement Roof Hood. Designed to add extra strength and longevity to the roof area of all of our PE (polyethylene) Tidy Tent products.

Select the model you require from the drop-down menu.

Option 1 –  fits standard PE TidyTent (also Bike Cave and CampaCave) and also the PE TidyTent Xtra models.

Option 2 –  fits the new extra strong triple arch TidyTent TRIO model.

Simply pop it over the top of your erected Tidy Tent / Campa Cave / Bike Cave,  and secure it by pulling the drawstring,  fasten it down, and Voila!  Your Tidy Tent has a nice new strong roof.  The Roof Hood will fortify your Tidy Tent against the wind, snow, sunbathing cats, and other unwanted rooftop threats.

Over time most fabric-based products will fade and wear. This is due to a number of factors, exposure to the sun being a prime cause.  The new design additional roof hood counters this problem.

With this innovative new design, instead of having to purchase a complete new replacement cover, you can now simply purchase a replacement roof hood, thus significantly extending the product’s longevity and making it an, even more, cost-effective storage solution for your bikes.

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Tidy Tent & Tidy Tent Xtra, Tidy Tent Trio Triple Arch


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