Car Windscreen Shade

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Check out our brand new car windscreen shade! Take a break from the heat inside your own car with this quick and easy set up. Limited stock. Buy now!

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The Car Sunshade

Let yourself be cool this summer with our new car windscreen shade. Find yourself and your car chilled under the sun. High quality, UV protective fabric is designed to protect you and your interior from the harsh rays. Used to feeling the full force of the heat as soon as you touch your steering wheel? Never again with this car windscreen shade. A product you’ve always needed. It’s always important to take a rest, especially during a long drive. Have you tried this and can’t seem to stop the sun from blinding you? Use our parasol to maximise that moment of peace. As an added bonus, our car sunshade acts as protection from the ageing effects of the sun. The frontside silver finish redirects sunlight away from your car. 

CarParaSteeringIts quick and easy push button open and close mechanism makes this shade unique in style. There’s no fuss where this is involved. Our product simply props up onto your dashboard. A suction feature allows for effortless stick and hold. Try not to forget about simple storage! Store away in seconds using its velcro strap and leather sleeve. It truly is as compact as you think. 


  • In case: 33 cm (13”)
  • Open width: 132 cm (52”)
  • Open height: 76 cm (30”)


Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 13 cm



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