Hidey Hood 90 PLUS | Garden Storage Cover with Security Bracket

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Hidey Hood 90 PLUS is an innovative garden storage solution which is perfect for storing gardening goods and equipment as well as outdoor furniture, mobility scooters, bike and motorbikes. The Hidey Hood PLUS comes with an additional “Anka Point” security bracket to keep your goods safe, a cheaper alternative to a shed. The Hidey Hood 90 PLUS cover has big smooth curves, which encourage rain and snow to just run off. The front simply lifts to provide full, instant access. Toggle and loop straps let you fix it, out of the way when not in use. There are seven pegging loops, so if you site it on soft ground, you can use the pegs provided to fix it down. One of the most common questions we’re asked does the wind tend to lift it if I choose not to anchor it down? The answer is, no it doesn’t. You’ll find that generally even in quite high winds it stays down. It might move a little from side to side but it stays down. Many people choose to install their Hidey Hood 90 on hard-standing, on their drive, or their patio.


Dimensions when assembled: Width: 250 cm (98″) Height: 167 cm (66″) Depth: 167 cm (66″)


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