HideyHood 180 Extra Strong Storage Shelter – Light Grey

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Great free-standing storage for large garden objects. This is the silver/grey extra-strong new improved version!

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The HideyHood 180 Extra Strong Storage Shelter – the Up and Over Cover Dome

This is the new extra strong version of our popular HideyHood 180 “up-and-over” outdoor storage and shelter dome. The light grey fabric is much thicker and stronger than the standard green version. We’ve made it out of 400D PU-coated polyester with all seams PU taped.

The sleeves into which one inserts the fibreglass rods are a much lower profile design, which means significantly less resistance to wind, rain and snow. The fibreglass rods are also significantly thicker and stronger.

There are many uses for the HideyHood 180 Extra Strong Storage Shelter. You can use it for storing many outdoor items including garden furniture or equipment, quadbikes, mobility scooters, bicycles, BBQs, motorbikes, and much more. Here’s a great video from one of our first customers, Doug Reynolds, who is using it as an Observatory for overwintering and protecting his telescope.



•Easy to set up but much easier with two people.
•Simple up-and-over,  “lift-up, drop-down” access
•Your instant free-standing outdoor storage solution
•Pick one up and take it home today
•Packs away easily into its own included cover bag when not needed
•Unique dome shape allows rain to simply run off
•Integral awning to prevent rain pooling when folded open
•Multiple ground fixings for pegging down (steel stakes included)
•Strong, light & flexible fibreglass framework
•Manufactured using a tough Polyurethane (PU) coated 400D light grey Oxford Polyester fabric

The original motivation behind HideyHood ® free-standing outdoor storage solution was to provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use outside storage solution. As the list of possible uses grew so did the product… literally.

The Hidey Hood 180º stands approx.

1.67 metres (5 feet, 6″) high,

3.34 metres (11 feet) front to back and

2.5 metres (8 feet, 2 ½ “) wide.

The length of the arched poles is approx. 4.54 metres.

It’s great value, straightforward to assemble, easy to open or close and extraordinarily versatile. The integral rain awnings help hold it up, out of the way and prevent rain build-up in the folds. Which in turn saves you from a soaking when you close your HideyHood after a rainstorm.

Massive capacity, perfect outdoor storage for so many things including:

  • •Mobility scooters
    •Bicycles (takes 10 full-sized bikes)
  • Motorbikes, mopeds and scooters
    •Garden furniture, tables, chairs and sun-loungers
    •Kids toys, trikes and scooters
    •Ride-on mowers and mini garden tractors
    •Lawnmowers and rotavators
    •Garden tools and wheelbarrows
    •Prams, pushchairs and buggies or strollers

Many thanks to Steven for the following images showing his new light grey/silver extra strong HideyHood 180 in action. He’s using his to store his ride-on mower fitted with a 42-inch snow blower attachment!

HideyHood 180 Extra Strong Storage Shelter in light grey, being used to store a ride-on mower with snow blower attached!  Hidey Hood 180 Extra Strong Storage Shelter Tent half open shown covering a ride-on lawnmower with snow blower.  Hidey Hood 180 Extra Strong light grey storage hood  HideyHood 180 light grey Extra Strong storage tent being used to over winter a ride-on mower with snowblower attachment.



Easy to Assemble

The front and rear of the HideyHood 180º simply lift up to provide full, instant access. Toggle and loop straps let you fold it up, out of the way when not in use.

To assemble, just slide the fibreglass poles through the sleeves and insert the ends into the steel pins at either end.

Big smooth curves encourage rain and snow to run off.

There are multiple fixing points, so if you site your HideyHood 180º on soft ground, you can use the steel pegs and guy lines provided to fix it down. Can be packed away in minutes when not required and you can take it with you if you move.

You’ll be amazed at how small this product is when packaged. Extremely easy and cheap to transport and erect compared to a traditional, wooden garden shed.

Pack size is around 51 cm (20″) x 31 cm (12″) x 8 cm (3″) (W x D x H). Weight: 8 kg (17 ½ lbs)(approx.)

Product Maintenance – important!

Over time the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays will cause the fabric to fade and degrade. You must maintain the fabric of this product by regularly coating it with a proprietary UV protective and waterproofing tent spray. This really needs to be carried out at least every 6 months or even more frequently in areas where UV levels are constantly high. We recommend Nikwax Tent & Gear Solarproof/Waterproofer. One spray can double the effective life of the fabric and make it more durable. Click here for more details

Note: we also sell our standard version of the HideyHood 180 in green

Please note we also supply a smaller wall-mounted version of this product known as the HideyHood 90, click here for more information


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