Scoot-a-Cave Protective Scooter Cover

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A simple way to keep your scooter dry when it’s not in use.

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Scoot-a-Cave – Protective Scooter Cover

The TidyTent “Scoot-a-Cave” is a protective scooter cover for your scooter or invalid trike that protects them from the elements when not in use. It is easy to assemble and erect and can be fixed to a wall with ease. TidyTent Scoot-a-Cave is also portable enough to be erected on camping or caravan sites when you are travelling too. Height 167 cm. Length 200 cm. Depth 80 cm.

TidyTent Scoot-a-Cave camping

If you’re concerned about theft, take a look at the Anka Point anti-theft security bracket. Click here for more info.

protective scooter cover with scooter and ankapoint
The Scoot-a-Cave has a flap so you can lock your scooter to the wall with an Anka Point.

This product is big enough to shelter and store most mobility scooters. It does require a little manoeuvring to get your scooter inside. If your disability is such that this would prove difficult. then you may wish to consider the HideyHood 90 wall-mounted folding “lift-up/drop-down” mobility scooter cover as an alternative. Click here for more information.

Or, alternatively, why not consider the XtendaHood zip detachable extension hood as an accessory? This enables you to drive “nose up” to your Scoot-a-Cave, climb off, drop the hood down and walk away – how easy is that!


April 2021 – UPDATE – after listening to customer feedback, our latest design improvements now include:

  • the lower edge of the door panel is now sealed with an additional horizontal zip
  • the mesh floor panel of the previous model has now been replaced with a PE plastic sewn-in groundsheet
  • two ventilation panels with outer velcro adjustable weatherproof flaps have been added to the roof panel to reduce internal condensation.

“Yes, but how waterproof is it?” you ask. Well, providing the roof hood is correctly installed and the doors are zipped closed properly, then yes it really is very waterproof. Check out our waterproof test video!

Please note, this product is protected by elements of intellectual property.

2 reviews for Scoot-a-Cave Protective Scooter Cover

  1. Paula

    WOW. The tent arrived this morning. Many, many thanks for your wonderful service from start to finish.

    Kind regards


  2. Jailen

    Well done to think of somtiheng like that

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